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5 Unexpected Benefits of Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Oil
Beards have become a popular trend in recent years, and with that trend comes the need for proper beard care. One essential product that every bearded gentleman should consider adding to his grooming routine is lavender and tea tree beard...
Everything You Need to Know About Oud Beard Oil
Welcome to an aromatic journey through the enigmatic realm of oud – a treasured essence that transcends time and culture. From its origins to its distinctive fragrance, and all the way to its transformative effects on your grooming routine, we're...
Our Recommended Turban Tutorials
If you've ever found yourself puzzled by the details of tying a turban, you're in for a treat. In this blog, we're bringing you a treasure trove of turban-tying wisdom. We've curated a list of our favourite tutorials that will...
When to Apply Beard Oil: The Best Times for a Well-Groomed Beard
Having a well-groomed beard requires more than just trimming and shaping. In this blog post, we'll explore the ins and outs of of beard oil application, focusing on the best times of day and different occasions to apply it.
What Does Turban Stitching Mean?
In the realm of cultural attire, the turban stands out as an emblem of history and identity, particularly among Sikhs and Punjabis. An emerging trend in this space is the stitched or double turban, a turban style that doubles the...
Accelerating Your Beard Growth: Tips for Your Best Beard
We understand the desire for a thick and impressive beard, and we know, at times it can feel like no progress is being made, so in this blog, we will explore effective techniques and valuable tips to help you reach...
Fantastic Father's Day Gifts for Beard and Hair Care
Celebrate Father's Day in style with our fantastic gift ideas for beard and hair care. From the Ultimate Beard Care Gift Set to the Beard Growth Kit, we have curated a collection of products that will make your dad's beard the talk of the town. These gifts not only show your appreciation for his unique style but also introduce him to the world of beard care.
5 Essential Turban Colours You Need
Sikh turbans are not only a symbol of faith but also a vibrant expression of personal style. With their rich history and cultural significance, turban colours hold deep meaning within the Sikh community.
Whether you're a Sikh or simply appreciate the beauty of turbans, exploring different colours opens up a world of possibilities.
In this article, we'll delve into the essence of Sikh turbans and highlight five essential turban colours that are must-haves for your personal collection.
Why Should You Use Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Oil
If you're looking to level up your beard care routine, look no further than our Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Growth Oil. Packed with natural goodness and formulated to perfection, this beard oil will revolutionize the way you care for your facial hair.
How to look after your hair in summer

Heat has always been known to be bad for your hair however, the higher temperatures actually suck the moisture out from hair causing it to be drier and more fragile.

As much as we all wish for constant sunshine the UV/UB rays from the sun do more damage to your hair again causing drier and frizzier strands.

Due to your hair strands being weaker it does mean it’s more prone to breakage and it's also why a lot of you may notice or feel like you lose more hair during the summer.

How to use a beard growth kit

Figure out how to use our beard growth kit and how to achieve the perfect beard.

Our beard growth kit contains: A beard roller, beard brush, lavender tea tree beard growth oil, lavender tea tree beard wash. According to studies, Lavender is effective in helping with conditions such as baldness and alopecia, making the hair grow faster and thicker.

How to get the most out of your TSC product(s)
You want to buy a Sardar co product but you’re not too sure because you are unsure how to correctly use them, or you may be concerned the products will not work or that it isn't worth the money? We are going to clear your worries today and show you how to get the most out of your TSC products!
How to get the most out of Black Friday Sales
We know that all the sales and deals for Black Friday can feel overwhelming, let’s face it if we could we would buy everything! Of course, we all know that it isn’t logical so The Sardar Co is going to...
Our Top Christmas Gifts for 2022
Struggling to find the perfect gift for a special someone this Christmas? We got you covered with our Christmas gift guide! Read on to find the best beard care and hair care gifts that will earn you bonus brownie points!...
The Sardar Co's First Ever Popup Shop
Yes you heard it right! The Sardar Co are hosting a popup shop and you are invited. There will be lots happening on the day with refreshments and freebies that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to fill out...
Father's Day Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad
** Check out our updated Father's Day Gift List for 2023. ** As much as dads love getting socks and ties every year for Father’s Day, we think they should be treated to something special and different! We know it’s...
Top 5 Hair Mask Tips for Dry, Damaged Hair
Living with dry and/or damaged hair is not the best experience – because those who do suffer from dry hair will tell you the same thing we’ve experienced ourselves: an inability to absorb and retain moisture the same way as...
The Awesome Beard Balm Benefits You Don't Know
Almost every bearded man knows the usefulness of beard oil and its impact on their beard. But, have you heard about beard balms? The immense benefits of using beard balm can be a great hack to style your beard. Let's...
Which beard oil is best for a patchy beard?
Have you come across multitudes of bearded men with dense and thick beards on the internet and wondered what are the secrets behind giving it such a tailored, and sturdy look?  Well, lucky for you we have all the secrets!...
What are the best grooming products for beards?
We can all agree, searching for the best male grooming product is easier said than done. With a large variety of products all claiming to enhance your masculinity, help you attract the ladies and of course make you look young...
Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Bearded Men 2021
It's that time of year when everyone starts thinking ahead to buying their favourite bearded guy a Christmas present. But with so many beard care options out there, it's easy to get your head in a spin trying to find...