What is a Sardar?

What is a Sardar?

‘Sardar’ – the term invokes many thoughts and feelings in different people. ‘Sardar’ is a title given to a person who holds his head high, displays leadership qualities, and/or belongs to a respected family.

In India, a Sardar is commonly perceived as a member of the Sikh faith, but few people know that the term has been in use across Arab and Asian regions throughout history. In fact, ancient Persia is said to be where it was first used.

The term Sardar is strongly associated with Sikh people but carries different connotations. We thought we’d share what the word means to us. But first, let’s see how the meaning of the word took on different forms across the pages of history.

Historical meaning of the word ‘Sardar’

The word Sardar has a strong connection extending between the Indian subcontinent and Iran. However, variations like ‘Sirdar’, ‘Serdar’, etc. have been in use in countries like Turkey, ancient Mesopotamia, and Egypt as far back as the 16th century.

In persian, Sardar is an amalgam of ‘Sirr’ - meaning head and ‘Dar’ - which is derived from the verb ‘dashtan’ which means to hold. In the middle east, a Sardar was seen as a leader, someone who commanded respect and adoration within a community.

In Sikh history, Sardar was not a commonly used term amongst Sikhs. When Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa Panth, the name given to Sikh men was ‘Singh’, and Sikh women was ‘Kaur’. It wasn’t until the 18th Century when the term was adopted as a name for the leaders of various jathas (bands) that fought against Afghan invaders under the rule of Ahmad Shah Durrani.

During the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the term Sardar became even more common as a title given to Sikh men. Although it was officially reserved to address a high ranking official or a commanding chief such as a general or officer.

What being a ‘Sardar’ means – The Sardar Co Perspective

The Sardar Co is all about being as Sardar as you can be.

Every product that we develop is steeped in how we define the term. Which is why we focus more on the spirit of being a Sardar rather than on cultural, religious, or racial affiliations.

Since The Sardar Co is all about being your best version of a Sardar, we thought we’d share what the term means to us and the values that motivate our brand:

A Sardar is a True Gentleman/Lady

Being a Sardar has little to do with one’s gender/race and has everything to do with how true you are to your own self. Do you choose the best for yourself, despite other’s opinions? Are you in tune with your beliefs and choices?

If yes, then our products are on the same level of frequency as your aspirations. Take our beard grooming essentials for instance. We have premium beard brushes and combs, beard oils, and beard balms all in one place. So, you have the freedom of choosing organic, high-quality products without going far.

For us, being a true gentlemen/lady means to disregard impossible standards and expectations we set upon ourselves thanks to society. It means to take every action from a place of compassion and inclusivity.

A Sardar is Presentable and High in Stature

Financial and Social Status mean little. If an individual is confident in their appearance and has their head on their shoulders, they can be deemed as a true Sardar. Your ability to command respect and adoration lies in your self-worth and in the way you value the people in your life.

We at The Sardar Co believe that feeling fresh, hydrated, and clean are the keys to being presentable. Which is why our products are created with organic ingredients that really work, and help bring the best out of you.

Be a Leader and a Thought-Provoker

Being a Sardar is not about where you were born, the colour of your skin, gender or sexuality. Your actions determine whether you are a Sardar or not. At The Sardar Co, we believe that the true mark of a Sardar is leadership. Someone who can utilise their mind and heart and apply them in the right place at the right time. Someone that brings about positive change and goodwill in the world is undoubtedly a Sardar in every way.

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