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Really enjoy using this after getting back from work, massaging it in and leaving it in for couple hours before having a shower.

Leaves my hair noticably softer and healthier.

I wasn't overly convinced from using this to be honest but my beard hair coverage was already pretty good so it's likely just diminishing returns at that point.

I've been using this for months even with a relatively short beard ad i've noticed a fuller, healthier hair growth with regular use.

Nicely softened my beard and skin and wasn't excessively greasy!

Sandalwood & Patchouli Beard Oil
Michael Stewart (United Kingdom)
Found the one

Have a Santa/ZZ top beard going on. Have tried loads of beard oils and this is by far the best. The hippy in me loves the scent of the sandalwood and patchouli. My partner loves it and I have had compliments from strangers on the scent. Starts really strong but mellows out to a lovely fragrance. Would highly recommend it.

Black Full Voile Turban
jaskirt singh (United Kingdom)

I ordered full voile and got mal mal

Peach Full Voile Turban
Rajpal Singh (United States)
Great shopping experience!

After trying unsuccessfully to find a reliable online vendor in the US for Sikh necessities, including turbans, I ordered a few items from the Sardar Co. in the UK. The shopping experience from placing order to receiving the merchandise was fantastic. I highly recommend the Sardar Co. if you’re looking for an online merchant for Sikh products.

Nourishing Natural Hair Oil
Bir Ghataaura (United Kingdom)
Beard oil

This oil is brilliant and hair feels very fresh, and smells nice. Thnx

Black Beard Brush
Daya (United Kingdom)
Black Beard Brush Review

Really nice beard brush - great product

Ok not working as described

Great product.

Great smelling balm

Feels really nice to apply when worked through the hands and it is a lovely smell. To the point that my daughter of 9 years old smelt my beard and said ‘daddy I want a bear so I can wear it and smell like mango’s’

Perfect every time

Dark Brown Full Voile Turban
Vikram Singh (United Kingdom)
Dark Brown Full Voile Turban

Brilliant quality material, This site is my one and only go to site for my Turbans and absolutely amazing service fast delivery. 5* all the way!

Coconut & Vanilla Beard Wash
Satvinder Kaur (United Kingdom)
Amazing Gift

I ordered this for my husband for his birthday and he loved it. The smell is lovely and it does the job. I will be ordering more products and will recommend it to family and friends.

Mango & Vanilla Beard Balm
Taranbir Sandhu (United Kingdom)

Mango & Vanilla Beard Balm

Sandalwood & Patchouli Beard Balm
Lin Catt (United Kingdom)
Beard balm

Brilliant stuff my favourite go to balm,,,
the smell reminds me of my youth...

Vegan Beard Brush
Bob Cole (United Kingdom)

I would never normally buy a product that has no reviews but I took a chance on this brush on the strength of the reviews of the other brushes sold by Sardar and I have not been disappointed. My only caveat would be that this is my first beard brush so I have nothing to compare it with. However, I am very pleased with the brush. It is sufficiently stiff to “comb” my beard without being too harsh on the skin. Would definitely recommend for those wanting to groom their beard without having a close encounter with a dead boar.

Absolutely love my t-shirt ❤️

Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Growth Oil
Kiran Hunjan (United Kingdom)

Really good product and smells amazing and isn’t too greasy as some oils are. Would highly recommend.

Black Beard Brush
Gagan D (United Kingdom)

Bought the black beard brush and vanilla and coconut beard oil, the beard brush design was even more beautiful in person and the smell of the oil was amazing

Nourishing Natural Hair Oil Free Gift

Great product and great quality


Fantastic selection of smelling beard oils. The fragrance lasts all day and I think these smell better than most of the normal oils Sardar co offers.... Sardar co, please make these fragrances available as part of your usual oil collection!!

The packaging of these oils is on point and makes a great gift.

Beard Oil Collection Set
C. (United Kingdom)
Heavenly scents

I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and oh my word, his beard smells so good. We were even driving the other day and I kept getting wonderful little whiffs of his beard! The scents are beautiful and he's absolutely over the moon with them. We also bought the beard balm and it tames it very well. Would 100% recommend!