Sandalwood & Patchouli Beard Oil

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The Sandalwood & Patchouli Beard Oil guarantees best beard results from regular use. The fresh, natural ingredients add moisture, whilst feeling light and non-greasy. The warm aromatic scent of this beard oil is long-lasting with a woody and exotic smell, without being overpowering.

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Product description

The perfect beard oil blend for day and night

This wonderful blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli with a dash of Neroli gives your beard a rich, musky, and sweet smell that lasts the day. Perfect to wear during the day and/or night, this is one our favourites and a must have in your beard care collection.

  • vegan friendly beard oil
    Vegan friendly
  • organic ingredients
    Organic Ingredients
  • no animal testing
    No animal testing
  • long lasting scent
    Lasting scent
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    Made in the UK

A nourishing beard oil that conditions and hydrates your beard

Our Sandalwood & Patchouli Beard Oil contains nature’s nourishing abilities. It grants strength, nourishment, and much needed hydration to growing beards.

Patchouli Essential Oil has healing properties with the power to soothe, ease, and relieve various conditions. Together with the fragrance of Sandalwood, this beard oil works to lay a strong foundation for a healthy beard. Since the ingredients are so valuable, we work hard to maintain the natural freshness and authenticity of the product.

We use the finest essential oils infused with vegan friendly and organic ingredients. Our beard oils are light, smooth, non-greasy with a long-lasting scent guaranteed to keep your beard smelling great all day.

The 'Billionaire' scent

There's a reason why this beard oil is niknamed 'The Billionaire Scent'. The Sandalwood offers a deep, sweet and exotic scent, combining perfectly well with the musky and earthy Patchouli. Adding in a dash of Neroli for the sweet, honey layers with notes of spice for a rich and moresome aroma.

How To Use

Applying beard oil is a key part of any beard care routine. Before applying beard oil, ensure that your hands and your beard are clean and dry.

1. Start by putting 4-6 drops of beard oil onto your palm. Depending on how long your beard is, you may need more or less.
2. Spread it evenly on your palms and fingers.
3. Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into skin. You'd want to start at the roots and work the oil toward the end of the hairs. Remember that you want to massage the oil into the skin underneath your beard too.

For best results, use The Sardar Co beard brush to distribute oil evenly throughout your beard.