We are The Sardar Co...
a brand built on integrity,
pride, and independence.

What does “sardar” mean to us? It means strength of character, independence, a sense of identity and purpose. Sardars know who they are, and they’re not afraid to show it to the world. They come from all cultures and all walks of life, sharing a common identity of self-respect and independence. We’re proud to welcome you as one sardar to another, no matter what your cultural heritage, background, gender or age.

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Building a brand for sardars

We’re Manny and Manjit, the children of first and second-generation immigrants. We grew up Sikh in a non-Sikh neighbourhood, knowing that we were different and often feeling out of place. At school, in the workplace, and in day-to-day life, people saw us differently because of the way we looked and the culture we came from.

Being different can be isolating. But difference can also mean independence, pride, and a sense of true identity. It’s okay to stand
out from the crowd, to be true to yourself instead of what others want you to be. We’re proud to be different, to lead rather than to follow; to be sardars.

What do we want to achieve?

Being at peace with who you are is the foundation of the Sardar Co. We don’t go for flash-in-the-pan fads or gimmicks. Our vision is to offer styling products that complement your individual style, instead of replacing it. To enhance your identity, instead of dressing it up. We’ll help you to show the world the truest possible version of yourself.

"A Sardar is more than just a man. Even transcending the meaning of a gentleman. A Sardar is a fierce warrior yet humble in nature. With a tall stature and long mane, a Sardar is a symbol from generations past and those to come."

Why did we start the Sardar Co?

One evening, after dinner, we sat together at the kitchen table and talked. The idea of going into business selling turbans and other lifestyle products came up, but neither of us really thought it could really happen. Over the next couple of weeks, though, the idea stuck in our minds. We looked around at what the market had to offer, and it was obvious that something was missing.

Existing brands didn’t offer what we were looking for. We’ve always treated our appearance as something natural to be cultivated and cared for. The market only offered “flavour of the month” trimming and styling products; perfect for Instagram, but not for the values we hold.

So we started the Sardar Co. Things moved quickly, and after a whirlwind year of sampling beard care products and turban materials, we opened for business in 2019. Since then we have expanded to offer a wide range of high-quality care products, including cordless beard straighteners, seasonal turban collections, and our new selection of luxury organic hair oils. Our goal is to be an all-inclusive home for the world’s sardars, and we’re well on the way.

Following in the footsteps of sardars

“Sardar” is an ancient Persian word meaning “leader”. Although it’s most closely associated with Sikh culture, it’s used from the Himalayas to the Bosphorus to denote individuals with strong, independent spirits. These people have often been princes, military heroes or national leaders who exemplify the traditions of courage and self-reliance. It’s these qualities that make a sardar, not the title or the position. Individuals who show respect to others and to themselves, who live genuinely and without falsehood, are the sardars of today. Our vision is to provide them with the products and tools they need to thrive in today’s world.

Explore our lifestyle products for sardars

If this sounds like you, our products are designed to suit your lifestyle. Explore our full range of beard care products and high-quality turbans, or purchase a gift card for the sardar in your life.