What Does Turban Stitching Mean?

What Does Turban Stitching Mean?

In the realm of cultural attire, the turban stands out as an emblem of history and identity, particularly among Sikhs and Punjabis. An emerging trend in this space is the stitched or double turban, a turban style that doubles the width of a standard turban.

This style of turban is very common amongst Punjabi's, and is a growing trend for turban wearing Sikhs around the world. It's usually larger than most Sikh dastaars, but contains fewer wraps around the head.

The Art of Stitching a Double Turban

Orange Turban With Stitching

Put simply, a stitched turban, or double turban, is a standard turban which has been doubled in width.

This is achieved by cutting the turban in half, and stitching it back together along the longer side. For example, a six by one meter doubled turban would become three by two meters.

Expanding a turban's width is both a practical and aesthetic choice. By doubling the size, wearers gain flexibility in styling and achieve a more striking appearance. The process involves splitting the turban lengthwise and skilfully joining the halves along the longer side, transforming a six by one-meter turban into a grander three by two-meter turban. This requires the precision and expertise of skilled tailors.

Understanding the Significance of the Double Turban

For Sikhs and Punjabis, the double turban is more than a fashion choice. It is a potent symbol of faith, cultural heritage, and commitment to Sikh principles such as equality and justice. Its presence serves as a source of inspiration, constantly reminding its wearers of their shared values.

The Growing Trend of Double Turbans

Today, the double turban trend is gaining traction worldwide. As more Sikhs adopt this style, it stands testament to both their celebration of culture and the enduring relevance of traditional practices.

 Double Stitched Turban

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