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How to look after your hair in summer

A normally very cold UK has been bathing in hot weather and as great as that is, your head hair and beard hair unfortunately suffer in this heat! (Proceed to cry and slap hand on forehead)

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How does the heat affect my hair?

Heat has always been known to be bad for your hair however, the higher temperatures actually suck the moisture out from hair causing it to be drier and more fragile.

As much as we all wish for constant sunshine the UV/UB rays from the sun do more damage to your hair again causing drier and frizzier strands.

Due to your hair strands being weaker it does mean it’s more prone to breakage and it's also why a lot of you may notice or feel like you lose more hair during the summer.

What are the solutions?

  1. Hair mask

In order to add that moisture back into your hair, applying a hair mask either once or twice a week can bring more life to your hair as well as helping you to avoid frizz! The Sardar nourishing hair mask is great at restoring, moisturising and repairing your hair strands. We recommend applying a generous amount after shampooing your hair and leaving it in for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. 


  1. Hair Oil

“My hair gets greasier in the summer so, why would I need hair oil?”. Good question. Hair oil is the perfect solution to adding hydration and reducing frizz. However, we only recommend applying half a pump to 1 pump of hair oil and running this through the ends of your hair. 

I say the ends only, as your scalp is naturally more oily due to your hair oil glands. However, during the summer your scalp over produces oil due to the dry conditions which is why your hair feels greasier during summer.


  1. Beard oil

This one is more for the men than the ladies, but your beard hair also suffers from the same drying consequences. To fix that we recommend adding a drop of oil to your beard to help it keep hydrated and retain moisture. Check out our beard oil range so you can keep your beard looking fresh and smelling great too! 

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If you are losing hair, check out our  beard growth oils  formulated with essential oils that are specifically known for help to increase hair growth. 

 The Sardar Co Beard Oil

  1. Cover your head

If you wear a turban, you’re sorted! However, for those who don’t we recommend wearing either a cap or a light scarf to keep your scalp hair covered. This will create a barrier between the sun UV rays and your hair.

For those who do wear a turban, stick to light colours rather than dark colours. Darker colours will absorb, making you feel hotter than usual. You can see our range of colours here.


  1. Avoid using straighteners, curlers, dryers and hot water!

It's important you avoid adding extra heat to your hair as this will cause more damage. In order to cool both yourself and your hair down, wash your hair with cold water (and no it doesn’t need to be freezing). This will also close your hair strands and keep your hair fresh and clean.


  1. Wash your hair after going into a pool

The chlorine is terrible for your hair so after you’ve gone for a dip, cool yourself off even more by taking a quick shower and rinsing your hair. This also counts if you’ve been swimming in the sea, as sea salt has the same repercussions.

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It's as simple as that! We hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer.

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