Eastern Aroma Beard Oil Collection - Limited Edition

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A trio of luxurious scented beard oils inspired by the captivating and fragrant aromas of the East. Embark on a sensory journey, and discover the conditioning properties of these exclusive beard oil blends as you go.

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Product description
eastern aroma scent profile

Combining the aromatic and luxurious scent of the east with our highly rated premium blend of beard oil.

Our Eastern Aroma Limited Edition beard oil set has been carefully blended using the finest ingredients to nourish and moisterise the beard and skin. And the best part is, the scents smell amazing!

  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic Ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Lasting scent
  • Made in the UK

Evocative and nourishing beard oils

Bring the most aromatic scents of the East straight to your beard with this limited edition beard oil collection. We’ve complemented our blend of essential oils with some of the world’s finest ingredi-ents to create a set of scented beard oils that condition your beard, as well as leaving it smelling great.

Choose from the sweet, tropical aroma of Mango Lassi, the fragrant spices of Chai Tea, or the creamy warmth of Sandalwood Incense — whatever feels right for the day (or night) ahead. No mat-ter what you decide, you’re sure of a soothing, long-lasting fragrance.

An ideal gift for men with beards

Each of the oils will hydrate, soften and nourish your beard. Simply work a few drops through your facial hair, take a deep breath and let the incredible aromas instantly transport you to the other side of the world.

With all three Eastern Aroma beard oils presented together in attractive packaging and exclusively available as part of this limited edition collection, they make the perfect beard oil gift set.

How To Use

Applying beard oil is a key part of any beard care routine. Before applying beard oil, ensure that your hands and your beard are clean and dry.


1. Start by putting 4-6 drops of beard oil onto your palm. Depending on how long your beard is, you may need more or less.
2. Spread it evenly on your palms and fingers.
3. Apply evenly throughout your beard and massage into skin. You'd want to start at the roots and work the oil toward the end of the hairs. Remember that you want to massage the oil into the skin underneath your beard too.


For best results, use The Sardar Co beard brush to distribute oil evenly throughout your beard.