What Are the Best Products for Beard Growth?

What Are the Best Products for Beard Growth?

We once had to make do with fabulous genes for thick, healthy beards. However, these days, beard growth products are a saving grace for anyone struggling to grow a thick, healthy, and long beard. They work wonders and give hope to anyone who believes they cannot sport a picture-perfect beard

There are a specific set of products most suited for beard growth. When utilised in the most optimal way, they'll help your beard grow out to its healthiest and achieve enviable thickness and length. Here’s a breakdown list of all the products you will need for your beard growth journey:


1. Beard growth oil

Beard growth oils are the holy grail of beard growth products.

These beard oils usually contain special ingredients which enhance beard growth by creating an optimal environment for hair follicles to grow. Ingredients such as Argan, Coffee Arabica, and Tea Tree essential oil work wonders for the beard and skin beneath.

Coffea Arabica Seed Oil contains a natural source of caffeine which stimulates and strengthens hair follicles right down to the roots. One 2007 study found that caffeine helped block the effects of DHT in male hair follicles. It stimulated hair shaft elongation, resulting in longer, wider hair roots. It also prolonged anagen duration, which is the hair growth stage.

Since caffeine is a stimulant, it also increases blood circulation to hair follicles. This too can help hair grow faster and become stronger, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Tea Tree oil on the other hand is especially conducive to beard growth, having a unique influence on blood flow in the scalp area. Due to it's antiseptic properties, this oil will help prevent buildup of chemicals and dead skin. This keeps your hair healthy and moisturised, which can help it grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out. 

Find out more about the benefits of Tea Tree oil for beard growth here.



man using beard growth roller

2. Beard Growth Roller

Micro-needling is a skin care treatment often viewed as being reserved for pristine dermatological clinics, beyond the reach of those who can’t shell out a fortune. But home-based micro needling devices are making their way to the hands of those that understand its benefits. Beard growth rollers utilise the micro-needling method to trigger accelerated, abundant beard growth.

Beard growth rollers are handy tools equipped with state-of-the-art titanium micro-needles which when effectively run over a barren patch of beard scalp, penetrates the skin just enough to stimulate the hair follicles in that area.This in turn results in a collagen supply boost to the underlying skin which directly contributes to improved beard growth.

If the idea of inflicting minute puncture wounds to your beard scalp puts you off from micro-needling, you should know that using a beard growth roller does not damage your face since the needles do not penetrate enough to cause wounds or scars.

A beard growth roller when used in tandem with a beard growth oil further accelerates beard growth since the nourishing properties of the beard oil are absorbed more effectively into the skin.


 beard brush for beard growth

3. Beard brush

The next item on the list of best products for beard growth is the ‘beard brush’.

Vastly different from a regular hairbrush, the beard brush has boar bristles sprouting out from an oval shaped handle. The special bristles are ideal both for beard hair and scalp. Since growing beards need regular detangling, the boar bristle brush not only gets through every tangle right down to the scalp, it gently lifts up daily build-up of dirt and oil.

Here are some great benefits of using a boar bristle beard brush:

  • They act like non-product-based conditioners due to the boar hair bristles carrying traces of sebum which makes them naturally conditioning tools by themselves.
  • Its virtually painless to use because bristles easily pass through without painfully splitting clumps or resulting in breakage.
  • Fighting the dreaded in-grown hairs. Boar bristles brushes for beards fight in-grown hair by cleaning out dead skin cells from clogging your pores. 
  • For grooming the smallest and most-neglected beard hair. Regular brushes contain fewer bristles that can’t really do much to facial hair of varying lengths resulting in them being neglected altogether. Boar brushes have hundreds of bristles nestled closely together that can get to baby facial hair easily.

Find out more about boar bristle beard brushes in our blog post here:


4. Beard Wash

Can you imagine a fabulously grown out beard being washed with regular soap and water every day? A beard wash is the final and most important product you need for beard growth.

Unlike regular face washes or even hair shampoos, a beard wash is made specifically for beards. You might be asking, 'well, beard hair is the same as head hair right?' - not really.

The hair on the face, like that on the head, grows in three stages – but the hair on the face has a much shorter growth phase. Facial hair is usually much thicker, and has a much more wiry texture than that on the head. The skin under the hair is also different. The skin on the scalp tends to be more oily than facial skin so using some shampoos might be great for removing excess oil from your head but too harsh & drying for the face.

Using a dedicated beard wash is a staple of a strong, healthy beard. A composition of friendly natural ingredients like Sea Buckthorn, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and Oat will leave your beard feeling healthier, stronger, fresh and naturally clean from the very first wash.



Most, if not all men face more than a few speedbumps along their beard growth journey. Handpicking the best products instead of using a jumble of all available beard products out there fulfils the shortcomings keeping the reins of beard growth in your own hands.

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