Why Boar Bristles are the Best for Beard Brushes

Why Boar Bristles are the Best for Beard Brushes

Beards may be tough and all, and it sure does take another level of machismo to grow a fabulous one. But when it comes to looking after them, special care and delicate grooming are a given. This is why the world of beards is so different and one that has grown in leaps and bounds faster than we thought.

We’re talking about beard grooming products and accessories that are giving serious competition to women’s beauty products in terms of innovation. The Boar Bristle Brush for beards is just one among many ingenious tools crafted specially for doing beard brushing right.

Boar bristle brushes; beard brushes made out of boar hair may seem like an overkill and you may wonder why you can’t just borrow a regular women’s hairbrush for your beard. But we are here to tell you how exactly a boar bristle brush will make a huge difference to the way your beard grows out.

Adding a special beard brush to your grooming kit gives your beard a clean care routine. It’s a huge leap from second-grade grooming, say if you’re borrowing your wife or sister’s hairbrush and shampoo for your beard.


Why boar bristles for beards?

Beards do not grow well with synthetic or plastic grooming tools since they’re harsh on facial hair and skin. Besides, boar hair feels almost like human hair, and is very gentle on beards. In fact, boar bristle brushes have an almost magical effect on beards as they can gently tame stubborn strands of hair.

Ever since it was discovered that boar bristle brushes brought about an amazing transformation in beards, they’ve been used in the absence of styling products, yielding amazing results. They have been tried and tested for hundreds of years, championing as the best grooming products for beards everywhere.


wild boar bristle brush closeup


Benefits of boar bristle brushes you wouldn’t have guessed

1. They act like non-product-based conditioners

Boar hair turned into bristle brushes carry traces of sebum which makes them naturally conditioning tools by themselves. Grooming with a boar bristle brush every day will adequately coat your beard with sebum. So, you can actually do away with beard conditioners and serums for quite a while. You will notice added shine and gradually fewer dry or damaged strands with regular use. Unlike plastic or synthetic brushes, a few tens of strokes on your beard with a boar bristle brush will prove to be very beneficial.

2. Its virtually painless to use

The thought of running hard brushes through your beard to detangle them every single day is enough to put anyone off growing one. To make beard brushing virtually effortless, boar bristle brushes were made to seemingly glide through the toughest beard causing zero agitation. The bristles easily pass through without painfully splitting clumps or resulting in breakage.

3. They’re an all-in-one product

Seriously though, if you’re new to beard grooming; all you need is a boar bristle brush to get started. A boar bristle brush acts as both a cleanser and moisturising product since the bristles can get right through to your skin, gently coaxing dirt and oil away. They’re also moisture-laden keeping beards frizz-free. Brushing with a boar bristle brush feels like getting a beard massage. The bristles promote blood circulation when in contact with skin resulting in healthy, even beards.

4. Boar bristle brushes are for everyone

Whether your beard is dry or oily, wiry or smooth as silk; boar bristles brushes are for you. You can never go wrong with one since they suit all beard and skin types. They adapt to all beards giving the best possible results when used daily.

5. Fighting the dreaded in-grown hairs

In-grown hairs pose a real challenge for beards since they cause all kinds of skin troubles for people with coarse, or wiry beards. Boar bristles brushes for beards fight in-grown hair by cleaning out dead skin cells from clogging your pores. Just remember to brush down thoroughly right from the hair roots.

6. For grooming the smallest and most-neglected beard hair

Ever wondered whether your smallest beard hair was getting groomed enough with your regular synthetic brush? You’re right, they don’t! Regular brushes contain fewer bristles that can’t really do much to facial hair of varying lengths resulting in them being neglected altogether. Boar brushes have hundreds of bristles nestled closely together that can get to baby facial hair easily.

7. To get all your beard hair to grow together in the same direction

Beards seem to have a mind of their own and if left untouched, you would find hairs growing in any which direction they liked. To have beard hair growing in several different directions won’t result in the glorious beard you dreamt of. Think of a boar bristle brush as a training tool for your facial hair to get them all to grow in a singular direction. So, when your beard finally grows out, its supple, full, and trained to stick together.


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