The benefits of Tea Tree oil for beard growth

The benefits of Tea Tree oil for beard growth

Tea Tree Beard Oil is an immensely popular beauty and wellness ingredient used and marketed by almost all brands. If you’ve come across its fragrance, you will know that Tea Tree Oil has a soothing, fresh herbal smell.

Tea Tree Oil’s medicinal and healing properties make it especially beneficial for skin and hair. It replenishes skin and hair vitality by soothing inflammation and restoring moisture.

It works a similar magic on beard hair and the skin underneath too. Eliminating all the problems that hinder natural beard growth. The reason why its particularly beneficial for beards is because tea tree oil acts like a natural cleanser against bacterial infections that affect beard follicles.

In this blog, we want to talk about the specific benefits of using Tea Tree Oil for beard growth.


What is Tea Tree oil?

tea tree plant in the wild

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree - a small evergreen tree native to the warmer regions of Australia. It grows in grow wild tropical and subtropical swampy areas in the southeast of Australia.

Also knows as Melaleuca Alternifolia, the tea tree is not to be confused with the tea plant, which produces leaves used to make black, green tea.

Used traditionally as a herbal medicine, tea tree oil can be used effectively to treat acne and combat fungal infections. This is due to its natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


Tea Tree Oil for Beard growth 

Tea tree is excellent for hair growth; when applied to your beard or directly to the scalp it stimulates and increases blood flow to that area. This in turn improves the conditions for hair follicles to strengthen and grow.

Here are some more great benefits for using tea tree oil for beard growth:

1. It protects against build-up

Regular use of beard grooming products like balms and waxes can cause build-up. If product build-up is left unchecked, it can cause hair to lose its natural sheen. Applying Tea Tree Oil to beards prevents excessive build-up and protects hair.

2. Breaks the cycle of dandruff and hair loss

Skin flaking, and hair loss are a vicious cycle that afflict beards as much as they affect head hair. Tea Tree Oil helps break this chain by restoring moisture to a dry, irritated beard scalp thus helping maintain the thickness of your beard.

3. Stimulant for blood flow

Tea Tree Oil has stimulating properties which naturally improve blood circulation. When blood flow is pumping, naturally your beard growth will occur at a faster pace. Even the scent of tea tree oil can stimulate blood circulation (aromatherapy) and bring about an improvement in your general health and well-being.

4. Unclogs blocked pores

The pores on your beard scalp close due to dirt, and tea tree oil gently unclogs them. It treats inflammation of the pores and helps weed out ingrown hair follicles, all of which are roadblocks to growing a thick and healthy beard.

5. Permanent freedom from Dandruff

Beard dandruff may seem like a never-ending problem. But using tea tree oil everyday keeps beard-ruff permanently at bay, putting a full stop to that persistent itch.

6. Beard Acne and Spots

Tea Tree Oil is highly therapeutic, and its antiseptic properties repel acne and spots on your beard scalp. It shields growing hair against bacteria and microbes that cause acne and other scalp infections.

7. From greasiness to goodness

A greasy beard feels unhealthy and stifling. Greasiness gives rise to numerous problems in your beard that can prevent its growth. Tea Tree Oil in your beard leaves it feeling healthy, light, and non-greasy.


Tea Tree Beard Oil X Lavender Oil for Beards

lavender and tea tree beard growth oil

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil is a unique combination for beards. Together, they make a great natural product that makes beard growing an easy task. Lavender Oil is a great match for Tea Tree because it’s a proven hair growth stimulant. The smell of lavender oil is proof itself of its healing properties.

Within a few applications, you will notice problems with your beard like flaking, acne, and hair fall visibly reduce. Lavender Oil is also proven to be effective against microorganisms that may thrive in your beard scalp and cause infections. Just as it calms your nerves, the Lavender and Tea Tree Oil will soothe and calm the itchiness and dryness in your growing beard.

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