10 tips on growing a thicker beard

10 tips on growing a thicker beard

Beard Genetics – A cause of envy in every abundantly blessed gentleman. Even with strong genetics, growing a beard that is healthy, thick, and strong poses many challenges. But help and hope are at hand.

First up, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for genuine tips. You do not need to go up to every bearded man with a little notebook and jot down a hundred different tips. The rules of beard care are simple. Trust us and we guarantee you will be the proud owner of a thick and thriving beard in no time.

A thick beard is soft, mushy, and looks beautiful. But it can also get itchy and annoying. However, we want you to chin up because The Sardar Co’s top 10 tips will teach you how to make a beard look thicker minus the discomfort:


man using sandalwood beard comb


1. Use the right beard tools

Beard tools promote thickness in growing beards. If you are on a beard journey this year, some of these tools are absolutely worth their purchase.

The basic tools you will need for a thick beard are a Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Sandalwood Beard Comb. Regular brushing and combing with these tools will promote blood circulation and support natural thickness in growing beards.

Before your beard even gets to the brushing stage, you'll also want a good quality beard oil. Beard oils work wonders for newly sprouting baby beards. They help add extra nutrients when needed and improve the condition of your skin and hair follicles for a stronger thicker beard.

We wrote an article here on the benefits of beard oils and why you should use them.


2. Increase your testosterone levels

If you are wondering what the single biggest contributing factor for thick beards is, the answer is testosterone levels.

The higher your testosterone levels go; a thick beard will sprout faster and stronger. While we have less control over natural testosterone levels, you can certainly get it pumping through your veins with:

  • Regular workouts.
  • Healthy lifestyle (A minimum 8-hour sleep routine, balanced meals, and stress-free active workdays)
When hair follicles receive testosterone and improved blood circulation, thick beards naturally spring out.


3. Use Beard Oil

We mentioned it in step one, and we'll mention it again. Using a good quality beard oil is key to growing a thicker, healthier beard.

Beard Oils create the optimal condition for growth of thick beards. They grant strength to hair roots. Beard oils are specially formulated and contain natural oils infused with organic ingredients. Use a beard oil twice a day for maximum effect.

They also smell great too!


4. Pay attention to the health of your beard scalp

The healthier your beard scalp, the higher your chances of growing a thick beard. Give it all your attention. Clean skin means healthy skin. Wash off grease, dirt, and dead skin cells from your beard scalp at least twice a day.

Use a good quality beard wash which contains natural ingredients. If you have extra sensitive skin, steer away from shampoos and beard wash that contains parfum, sulphates or alcohol.


using beard oil 

5. Refrain from frantic itching

A growing beard can poke and irritate your skin and sometimes takes all your determination to not frantically itch the scalp until its red and raw. Besides, itching aggravates the scalp and may affect the thickness of a growing beard. If your skin is dry and flaky, replenish moisture with a beard oil regularly.

A beard oil such as Lavender & Tea Tree is the perfect solution. Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic and antiinflammatory which will help to relieve itchyness. The Lavender is also key to easing the soreness and calming your skin so it doesn't have you itching like a maniac.


6. Nutrition

What you eat everyday has a big influence on the thickness of your beard and beard growth in general. Step up protein intake, include foods that raise your Vita ACE levels. Omega 3 fatty acids also protect growing beards, thus helping them growing stronger and thicker.

Generally, just maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Take into account your five-a-days which are also important to your health. Drink plenty of water too, keeping your body, skin and beard hydrated.


7. Fight the urge to trim

A growing beard takes time and dedication. It's easy just to give in and get a trim or even shave it off completely. But then how will people see your a true gent?

However, if you must - be sure only to trim split ends and maintain an even shape. Not too often though as your beard needs time to grow out and realise its full potential.



8. Beard balm for thickness

A beard balm is a useful product that helps in growing thicker beards. Beard balm is a grooming product that aids growth by making beard hair softer and by soothing a sensitive, dry scalp. Using one will add moisture while providing a light hold to your growing beard and give it a sweet scent all day long.

We wrote an article all about our beard balms which will give you more of an insight into what it does and how it can help your beard journey. Check it out here: Linkhttps://www.thesardarco.com/blogs/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-our-new-beard-balms


9. Flush out toxins with good hydration

Ensure you drink enough water every single day, at least throughout your beard journey. You can further boost your body’s hydration with moisture rich foods like fruit and leafy greens. Good hydration flushes out the toxins thus improving your chances of growing a thick, healthy beard.

You can also keep your beard hydrated with the use of beard oils. After washing your beard, or even before bed, top up on some beard oil and lot those nutrients work their magic.


10. Consider vitamin supplements

This is purely a matter of choice. Consult a professional healthcare practitioner first for vitamin supplements. Vita BDE, Biotin, etc., are supplements known to improve beard thickness.

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