The Benefits Of Beard Oils and Why You Should Use Them

The Benefits Of Beard Oils and Why You Should Use Them

Beards – they can never go out of style. And when one scruffy but dapper looking guy is seen exuding more testosterone than the ladies can handle, it doesn’t take long for the bearded look to quickly come back to the scene.

What seems like something very new to the world of beards is beard oil. Grooming products for bearded men seem to have piqued the interest of both the bearded as well as the non-bearded community towards men’s health and wellness. What with Movember and the likes, the impressive beard has championed as the brand ambassador for many a good cause.

For the less aware, beard oil is exactly what it sounds like. Specially crafted grooming oil for the fuzz muzzle. Which raises a very valid question; what makes beard hair so different that makes it want a unique range of products.

Well, the first and most obvious difference that we’re sure every beguiled woman in the world has noticed about beard hair is its kinky, wiry, straggly texture. Due to its coarse texture, beards require better conditioning and careful grooming unless you want it growing out to be dull, lifeless, and dry as a patch of grass.

Now that we have taken the most crucial step towards helping you understand beard hair, let’s get a better insight towards how beard oil and other grooming products really work.

bearded man with beard oil in

What makes up beard oil?

Not all men fancy oiling their beard since the very mention of the word ‘oil’ invokes unpleasant sensations of swelter, stifle, and sweat. But unlike other oils, beard oil is very light and has higher absorption that makes it well suited to tame thick beards. It also doesn’t feel sticky and the best products are often infused with refreshing perfumes that make it pleasing to wear all day.

If you’ve combed through a good deal of beard blogs and articles and still feel unsure about why you need to choose a good beard oil, here’s a simple and very straightforward list of benefits of using beard oil.


Beard hair should be tamed to make it look less wild and more enviable. Beards need enough hydration if you want to style it and make it behave.

Beard oils contain moisturizing and hydrating ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed that control frizz and add shine to otherwise dusty looking beards.

Getting your beard to wake up with you

Before beard oils arrived, men left home every morning with their beards still asleep and unready to start the day. But now that they’re here, there’s nothing as refreshing for a grown-out beard to drink in some beard oil first thing after a nice, refreshing shower.

If you live in a humid environment, just a few drops will do the trick but if the weather’s frosty, you’re allowed to generously massage and comb through your beard to make it look hydrated and well groomed.

The thing about coating your beard in beard oil right after a shower in the morning is that the pores of your skin as well as the hair follicles are open and ready to absorb all the cleansing and moisturising properties of the beard oil.

Smell irresistible

And we aren’t just saying that. Beard oils exude a light but irresistible fragrance owning to the essential oils infused in it that mostly let out a very pleasing natural odour instead of the overpowering smell of your regular cologne.

The smell of beard oil quickly mellows down and doesn’t linger enough until you’re thoroughly fed up of the constant scent beneath your nose.

Getting rid of beard-ruff

When thick beards get drier than they should, the skin beneath starts to flake, giving rise to beard dandruff. Also, since beards are naturally prone to attract bacteria and dirt combined with dead skin cells, it can quickly cause the oily skin of men to breakout. This can also lead to painful ingrown hair further aggravated by razing and using strong shaving creams.

By regularly grooming your beard and moisturizing it with oils specially made for it, you can eliminate tens of problems just like that.

Beard bald spots

A lot of men struggle to grow out their beard and this mostly has got to do with the skin struggling to sprout hair evenly and less to do with you not being manly enough. Beard bald spots lead to patchy beards which looks very shabby no matter how much you try to groom and style it.

Applying beard oils to bald spots will cause it to penetrate the troubled areas of the skin where the medicinal properties in the product can work their magic. With regular application, beard oils help promote healthy hair growth in bald spots leading to even, hearty beards.

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