The Advantages of Using a Scented Beard Oil

The Advantages of Using a Scented Beard Oil

What’s better than a healthy beard? A beard with enough man-scent to keep anybody on their toes, around you.

A beard that smells divine indicates good hygiene and a consistent care routine.

Scented beard oils for thick beards sound greasy and acutely uncomfortable. But beard oils are made to be light and absorbent so that you don’t even notice while wearing them. But keep an eye out for people in your vicinity who may be puzzled at what’s making you smell so heavenly.

We at The Sardar Co handpick our beard oil fragrances to live up to the expectations of beardos everywhere.

We’ve compiled a list of advantages of using scented beard oils and thought you’d find them useful, you with the gorgeous beard:


1. Smell sweet all day

woman hugging man with beard

It’s impractical to assume that the smell of your beard won’t turn after a certain point during the day. And for bearded men everywhere with tough jobs and intense days, all-day fragrance is a no-brainer benefit, especially if you’ve bagged a last-minute late evening date for yourself.


2. Mild on wild

Grown-out beards are characteristically wild but scented beards oils are mild in a way that you are barely aware of wearing them. Mild oils containing almond extracts are best suited for beards since they can be in your beard all day without causing the slightest discomfort.


3. Be naturally moisturized

The word “moisturiser” gets tough beardos running for the hills since the thought of having sticky creams on thick beards is not very pleasant. But, natural moisturisers like Jojoba seed extract prevents hair follicles from drying out, without the stickiness.


4. Get rich – in nutrients

nutrients in beard oil


With scented beard oils, your beard can be rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants. Scented beard oils contain nutrient rich ingredients like Argan-Kernel extract which has healthy amounts of vitamins A,C,E, as well as antioxidants, linoleic acid, and omega-6 acid. Enjoy the benefits of these nutrients with a hydrated, lustrous beard and underlying skin.

On a side-note, if you are interested to find out more about about the contents of our own beard oils. Read What's In Our Beard Oil And How It Benefits Your Beard


5. Seal that moisture

The underlying skin on beards needs to be healthy and protected at all times, if you expect it to sprout a beard that exceeds your expectations. Scented beard oils contain ingredients like Apricot-Kernel extract which is intensely healing on damaged beard scalp. It also has moisture-lock properties which get to work when applied just out of the shower.


6. Bring balance between oily and dry

Beard scalps should be neither too dry nor very oily. Scented beard oils helps bring just the right amount of balance between dryness and necessary oiliness. Ingredients like grape-seed extract create the right conditions for healthy beard growth since it is super-absorbent, and eliminates grease and flake in a snap.

Applying beard oil on a regular basis helps a great deal in preventing beard-itch, dryness and dandruff. Read our post on How to Apply Beard Oil to learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of our beard oil.


7. All-day stress buster

Wouldn’t you want to wear something that kills stress in the background as you go about your everyday errands? Wearing a scented beard oil actually makes this possible. Beard oils containing lavender and tea tree extract have a naturally soothing and calming effect both on beard scalps as well as on blood flow. And their aroma is a natural stress buster, something highly recommended for busy and worked-up beardos.


8. Treat your skin

man stroking his healthy beard

Everyone has suffered from sudden skin inflammations and flare-ups that refuse to respond to any form treatment. Scented beard oils with skin-friendly ingredients like Cedarwood and Lime, soothe skin inflammations and flare ups like eczema and acne, which eventually subside with regular use.


9. Stimulate blood flow

A healthy beard scalp results from a smooth blood flow in the region, in turn leading to bursts of hair growth. Scented beard oils can stimulate blood flow in the surrounding region, thanks to ingredients like Bergamot extract.


10. Early ageing plagues beards as well

Early ageing symptoms like reddened beard scalp can lead to excessive oil production, dry, and patchy skin. Beard scalp early ageing leads to scanty, lifeless hair growth. Lime extract present in scented beard oils act as anti-ageing shields against the sun sucking the vigour out of hard-working beards.


beard oil sample set


Beard oils are a must-have essential in your beard grooming kit. The Sardar Co has a unique range of fragrances to choose from. With so many benefits of using beard oils, you can rest assured that you’re buying a worthwhile product, sure to be used to the last drop.


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