How to Apply Beard Oil

How to Apply Beard Oil

While the world of beard oils is thriving, most products may not fit price points of everybody’s budget. As such, buying beard grooming oils and not using them in the correct way may cause them to gather dust in a corner of your dressing table.

Since we want you to get the best result from using beard oils, and also don’t want you to lose confidence in beard grooming products, we've compiled a quick guide on the correct way to use beard oils for maximum results.


It’s not rocket science, really!

Beard oils need to be applied daily on slightly damp beards. Just out of the shower, and just before you leave home for the day is the best time and the right condition to apply your beard oil.

  • Take just 4-6 drops of beard oil on your palms and rub them together.
  • Comb your fingers evenly throughout the length of your beard to ensure that the oil spreads through all the hair sections.
  • You could even spend some time massaging the oil into your beard.
  • Finally use a beard comb or beard brush to coat the oil thoroughly across every strand.


Let your beard decide

Using the right amount of beard oil makes a world of difference to beards of varying lengths and textures.

Depending on its age and length, use the right amount of oil to create the perfect balance of moisture and hold.

Here are a few tips to help you decide how much oil your beard needs during each application:

  • Baby beards generally need less oil when compared to older beards. Restrict beard oil to no more than 3-4 drops if you have a new beard.
  • Shorter beards need less oil compared to longer beards. If you keep a short beard, try to use no more than 6 drops, depending on how long you’ve had it.
  • Longer beards need the most oil since older beards tend to become coarse and dry. Feel free to use up to 10 drops of beard oil for your old man.


The weather plays its part

The environment that you live in has a role to play with respect to how well your beard oil works for you.

  • If you live someplace where the humidity is always high, use beard oil once every 2 days to create the perfect balance of moisture.
  • If you live in a cold region, apply beard oil once a day to keep your beard hydrated and moisturized.



Beard oil hacks

These smart hacks will make each beard oiling session all the more effective:

  • Always start from the roots – While running your oil laden palms through your beard, start from the roots and work your way through the length of your beard until the end.
  • Stick to wooden grooming tools, like brushes and combs for your beard. Say no to plastic and be free from frizz and static build up that prevents beard oil results from showing.


Oil for your beard scalp

Ensure that your beard scalp is getting enough beard oil.

Remember to rub some in thoroughly with a massaging hand motion. This promotes hair growth and blood circulation leading to a fuller beard.

Of course, don’t forget to wash off the oil every day since residue and build-up can cause the skin to flake.



Use a dropper

Our beard oils are packaged in dropper bottles. Droppers are the top lid which also act as a guide to properly measuring out the oil on to your palms. Until you get the drift on the right amount of oil needed, use the dropper for every beard oil application.


How much is too much?

Beard oils are not the ultimate holy grail or a magic substance that will give you your desired results, since growing the perfect beard depends on your complete care regimen and not just on one product.

So how do you know you’re not overusing your beard oil. It's pretty simple.

Run your hand through your beard – Does it feel dry and lifeless? If yes, you’re probably not using enough beard oil.

Does it feel so greasy that you don’t want to touch it? - If yes, you’ve overdone it mate. Time to tone it down and reconsider how much oil you need.




While beard oils are not rocket science, it takes a fair bit of practice to make your beard oil worthwhile and to get the desired results. We hope that this tutorial will help you make the best use of The Sardar Co’s premium beard oils and that you get the desired results from choosing us.

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    Hello, I am just starting out on the trail of a full beard. I am 63 and thought it is a must do, at least once in your life. Your products arrived just 4 days after ordering, top performance!!! The quality and presentation of the items was top class and I am very pleased with the whole experience so far. Your customer service is outstanding!!!! The Sardar Co are now my partner of choice and I look forward to your help and assistance over the coming years. Keep your heads held high and keep safe. John Needham

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