Why Wooden Combs Are Better for Beards

Why Wooden Combs Are Better for Beards

Combs today are made of plastic and most of us don’t give a second thought when we rip out hair along with the knots. But in ancient times, the comb was a piece of artistic grooming tool. Beautiful, handcrafted combs made of metal, wood, and even bone have been preserved as artefacts.

With time, combs made of cheap material began to be churned out and we stopped putting much stock in their value as long as the comb performed its basic task of detangling hair.

If you’ve always wondered why your hair has not appeared better after a good comb and has in fact come out looking worse, the answer is not too obscure. For far too long, we’ve tormented ourselves by using cheap, plastic combs that have potentially destroyed natural healthy hair.

In this blog, we wanted to break the vicious cycle and help you choose a good wooden comb for your beard.


Advantages of a Wooden Beard Comb over a Plastic Comb


1. Beard Smoothness

Beard hair is rougher and coarser when compared to scalp hair. You don’t want to contribute by tormenting your beard with a plastic comb. Using a wooden comb for your beard will enhance its natural smoothness, and you’ll be surprised at the world of difference it makes.

2. Teeth meant for beard hair

beard comb gliding through beard

Have you looked closely or felt the teeth of a cheap plastic comb with your fingers? It feels horribly painful and disturbingly sharp. Imagine what your hair goes through every day when you subject it to such uncomfortable grooming. Wooden combs have smooth, sturdy teeth which unlike plastic teeth won’t get stuck in tangles and tug at your beard.

3. There’s no static build-up

Frizz is the number one enemy of hair. And using plastic combs daily is the single biggest reason why hair frizzes up. This is due to static build up. It can get very confusing when your expensive beard products and meticulous wash routines aren’t yielding results because using a plastic comb undermines all your hard work. A wooden comb does not cause static and supports your beard care routine in every way.

4. Works best with Beard Products

beard oil dropper

Beard products are many and they are precious. So, you need the right tool that ensures every strand of your beard is benefitting from them. If you’ve tried combing in beard oil or wax using a plastic comb, you’ll know how utterly inconvenient and pointless it is. When you use a wooden comb, you can apply the product into your beard and enjoy as you seamlessly guide it through every strand with no snagging, tangling or greasing.

5. Its handcrafted and made with love

Wooden combs are designed and handcrafted with delicate care by businesses that truly understand and appreciate your beard journey. They are rarely bulk produced as a cheap commodity. That’s why a good quality handcrafted wooden comb will last you far longer and give you higher satisfaction with every use. Your beard deserves the love.

6. Made with fine wood

the sardar co beard comb is made from sandalwood

The quality of wooden beard combs is a big leap from plastic combs since they’re made from fine wood like Sandalwood and Rosewood. They have a beautiful finish and smell fresh every day. Beard grooming becomes a real pleasure. And since they’re made by dedicated companies that have your best interests at heart, there’s a close to 0 chance you’ll come across a substandard product.

7. It gently stimulates skin

Anyone who has used plastic combs for far too long know how jarring and utterly painful it feels to have sharp, plastic teeth irritate scalp skin. Using a wooden comb has therapeutic effects since the smooth wooden teeth gently stimulate the underlying skin, thus improving blood circulation resulting in a healthy beard.



Wooden beard combs are made with beards in mind. There’s every reason for you to make the choice and get rid of dated plastic grooming tools. Besides, being the proud owner of a specially crafted wooden comb makes you feel good about yourself and your beard.

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