What’s In Store At The Sardar Co For 2020

What’s In Store At The Sardar Co For 2020

What’s In Store At The Sardar Co For 2020

Now 2020 and our 2nd year is underway, we are looking to grow on our first year success and continue to launch new products and collab with some top artists.

We launched The Sardar Co in January 2019, with a few small selection of products. Mainly beard oils, beard brushes and a collection of 15 turban colours.

Little did we know at the time the great response we would get from our social media followers and customers. So much so that by public demand we expanded our product range with the addition of beard combs, gift sets, beard balms.

Looking forward into our 2nd year, we want to expand our product offering by introducing new lines of products. Here are a few collections which we are close to launching, that you can expect to see from us very soon.


Eastern Aroma Beard Oil Collection

We are currently working on a fantastic new limited edition beard oil collection called Eastern Aroma, with scents inspired by The East.

The scents will include Mango Lassi, Sandalwood Incense and Chai Tea; each of which are a fine blend and hand-crafted in our own lab. Mango Lassi has a sweet and creamy aroma, inspired by the traditional Indian drink served in market stalls. Sandalwood Incense is a deep and rich scent, reminiscent of a traditional Souk market in the Middle East. Chai Tea consists aromatic Indian spices and herbs, a spicy yet sweet and rich scent.

Why have we developed a range of scents from The East?

This is something I’m sure you all are thinking. We’ve had the concept for Eastern scented beard oils for a while, and it has taken a lot of research and development to bring them to life.

We are not satisfied sticking with the common or ‘safe’ options for scented beard oils, and we don’t think you would be too. With our Eastern Aroma collection, we are trying something new and unique, and bringing some unusual scents which you may not associate with beards to life.



Spring/Summer Turban Collection

Spring is around the corner, and what a great opportunity to spring clean and refresh your turbans.

We will be introducing a new range of colours including much demanded Kakhi colours and a few new pastel shades.

Pastel shade turbans are becoming increasing popular, and we’ve seen a massive demand for a huge variety of colours. Bright colours are no longer reserved for weddings or special occasions, as people are rocking new colours and shades with casual wear. This is a trend we see increasing this year and onward.

New Beard Oil and Balm Collection

We are revamping our beard oil range with some new and quite honestly, amazing scents.

A lot of our customers have been asking for a Mango scent; so that’s what we have been developing. We will soon launch a brand new Mango & Vanilla beard oil, as well as a Sandalwood & Patchouli scented beard oil.

The Mango & Vanilla scent is refreshing summery scent; think about sitting on the beach sipping a Mango Daiquiri - and what’s the feeling you’ll get with this scent.

Our Sandalwood & Patchouli beard oil scent is a lovely warm, earthy, and musky masculine scent. Here at HQ we call it ‘The Billionaire Smell’.

Further still, we will also be producing our new scented beard oils in matching beard balms, so you can purchase your favourite scent in both balm and oil bundle.

Do let us know what new products you would like us to work on, or if there are any videos/tutorials you would like to see from us. This year we will be adding more videos to our Youtube channel, including a range of turban tying and beard care tutorials.

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