What Is a Beard Wash, and Why You Need It

What Is a Beard Wash, and Why You Need It

The reason why there are so many different products for your face, hair, hands, etc. is because there’s a difference between skin and hair texture, and cleansing needs.

The whole purpose of using a special wash product is to essentially 'clean’. BUT the problem is that ordinary soaps are NOT suitable for your beard. In fact, they work against the natural lustre of skin and hair, virtually reducing their health and vitality.

We need to ask if cleaning up is worth losing all of that.

Over the counter cleansing products and even many of the self-proclaimed high-end shampoos are a mixture of harsh surfactants, foaming agents, and artificial fragrances which sacrifice skin & hair health to vigorously attack and destroy the slightest trace of dirt and grease.


A Note About Beards

Beards are special. They are different from your head hair, and body hair. And because they’re so important to you and to your appearance, there’s every reason why you need to know what a beard wash is, and why you need one.

A beard wash is made by nice people who put a lot of thought into making a product that’s not just soap in a bottle. They like beards and they want to see more people sporting long, thick, tangle-free beards that are soft to the touch.


beard wash and other products in a bath caddy


Why You Need Beard Shampoo

  • Call it a beard wash or a beard shampoo, this product was made keeping the texture of beards and the needs of the beard scalp in mind. Since beards are so unique, they need a cleanser that’s gentle on them but still tough on build-up.

  • Although different beards have a different touch, feel, and appearance to them; a common thread that unites all beards is the need for products that offer the care they deserve.

  • There are many beard and scalp types. But both sensitive and tough beards need a product that leaves them squeaky clean, keeps their personalities intact without turning them into lifeless clumps.

  • Hair shampoos have traditionally been harsh cleansers meant to wipe out every trace of oil, dirt, dandruff, along with all the nasty environmental pollutants that take refuge in your head hair.

  • Of late, Sulphate and paraben free hair shampoos are being widely used mostly because people realise how using shampoos regularly, changes your hair and it’s just never its natural self.

  • Beard scalps are much too sensitive and subjecting them to synthetic chemical fragrances can quickly irritate them.

  • Beards are soft to the touch and natural looking only when there’s a healthy balance of natural oils in them minus the contamination by external pollutants. Using a regular shampoo subjects your beard to a vicious cycle where there’s a loss of natural oils. You are forced to slather copious amounts of balms, oils, and waxes to compensate. This just attracts more dirt and grease like a magnet which will lead to you vigorously washing off with the harmful shampoo.


Pros of using a Beard Wash

  • Beard washes don’t strip away the sebum from your beard. Washing your beard with a beard shampoo leaves it feeling like its natural self, only cleaner and fresher.

  • Beard washes have replaced artificial fragrances with naturally occurring scents abundant in fine natural ingredients. The scent from organic ingredients is subtle, masculine but very soothing. The fragrance lingers on without causing the slightest discomfort or irritation to your skin and senses.

  • Beard Washes are a blend of essential oils and the fragrance emitted from them is the right kind of fragrance you would want to wear on your beard.

  • A beard wash breaks the vicious chain of natural oil loss.

  • Choosing a beard wash over a regular shampoo means you can easily clean your beard without worrying about damage or irritation. Using a beard wash also means that your beard scalp does not bear the brunt and your beard is free of build-up, ready to be styled.


The Sardar Co range of beard washes



A dedicated beard wash is a staple of every long, healthy beard. You can use a supermarket shampoo, but you may find the ingredients are too harsh for your face, especially if you suffer with dry skin, or conditions such as eczema.

Check out our range of beard washes available in four unique scents. They are made here in the UK using the finest natural ingredients, including Sea Buckthorn, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Oat. They help to gently cleanse your beard without stripping it of its natural oils.

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