Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for a Bearded Man

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for a Bearded Man

Why Beards are popular on Valentine’s Day?

Beards are very popular in a man’s world. You can hate them or love them, but they garner a lot of attention.

Men’s gifting is tricky due to limited options, but the beard world has just opened a plethora of choices for gift-giving. Valentine’s beard gift sets are a smart choice if you’re lucky to have a bearded man in your life this year.

From beard bouquets to beard t-shirts, valentine’s day shoppers are coming across some unique choices.

The Sardar Co also wanted in on the V-day gifting frenzy and we decided to put together classy gift sets with our premium grooming products just in time for the 14th of February.


Why you should buy a Beard Gift for Valentines

Sporting a beard may be easy-peasy for A-list Hollywood stars and celebrities. But the work that goes behind nurturing a beard may not be so simple for the men in our lives.

Talking about valentine’s day, you could have an entire year to come up with a memorable gift, but reality can hit you only a few weeks away. Valentine’s day is often perceived as girly and a lot of men aren’t as excited as we want them to be about it. While women easily melt at the sight of chocolates, teddy bears and roses, we think even men should feel loved and pampered on Valentine’s day.

If your man or any man you would like to share your Valentine’s day wishes and affection with, is the proud owner of a fantastic beard or is a beard afficionado, you my friend, are in luck this year.

Here’s the thing about gifting something that excites him. He will accept it as a token of your love and of your genuine appreciation of his enthusiasm in the beard world.

Beard care products are the new whiskey and cuff links in men’s gifting. What better time to impress your bearded man than with a nice valentine’s day gift set of premium beard care products handpicked by us? Read on for our three best choices for V-day gifting:


1. Beard Oil Sample Set of Three


beard oil sample set

Gift your bearded valentine a box of three scintillating scented beard oils, all handpicked for his beard. Give him the gift of choice with The Sardar Co’s Original Blend Beard Oil, accompanied by the most naturally perfect combination of fragrant oils including Coconut & Vanilla, Cedarwood & Lime.

This beard oil sample set is triple the magic of our special beard oils. With three exciting fragrances to try, your man can enjoy the nourishment from each of the three products while having the option to choose his best fragrance.

beard oil sample set review


2. Beard Brush & Oils Gift Set

beard starter kit gift set

Is your valentine this year new to the world of beards? Surprise him with the perfect starter set of premium beard grooming products.

This gift set contains three of our beard oils along with a beard brush. This gift set is customizable since you have the option of choosing from a combination of 5 fragrances. The Boar Bristle and Beechwood handled brush is the perfect accompaniment for the beard oil trio. It’s a fine piece of styling accessory and you can choose from two gorgeous shades.

We think this is one of our very best gift sets for an occasion like V-day because we care to personally hand wrap it in a classy gift box and soft black tissue.




3. Cordless Beard Straightener

cordless beard straightener gift

Yes, a cordless beard straightener for every kind of beard out there. We bet your man will be absolutely thrilled with this handy device.

You can rest assured that this will be one of his best gifts this year since this product is truly unique and has exciting features. It’s our ultimate styling product because this straightener does the job of beard oils and balms combined. Your man will now be able to manage and tame his beard with just a few sweeps and less product.

Its incredibly safe to use, portable and compact. The anti-scale ceramic coated teeth on this beard straightener smoothens out tough beards with balanced heat dissipation.


beard straightener gift review


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