The benefits of Cedarwood Oil for Beard Growth

The benefits of Cedarwood Oil for Beard Growth

Cedar oil or cedarwood oil sounds like and very much is an exotic essential oil. You can almost imagine that it would exude a heavenly, enticing smell just from the name. Extracted from the Cedar trees, it is a favourite for holistic and therapeutic treatments like massages. Bestowed with all the natural goodness you can expect from an organic essential oil, Cedarwood oil is a medicinal substance without a doubt. Although counted in the same league as other luxury organic essential oils like Lavender, Tea Tree oil; the precise benefits of Cedarwood are still unknown, especially for beard growth.

What is Cedarwood Oil?

Cedarwood trees have several sub-varieties and the cedarwood oil is unmatched in its skin rejuvenation abilities. Giving off a woody, restorative aroma, with a lingering smokiness, Cedarwood essential oil is a unique contender in Aromatherapy. Primarily extracted by the process of steam distillation from cedar wood, CEO (Cedarwood Essential Oil) not only bolsters cognitive potential but is also deemed an organic antiseptic.

Cedarwood works its magic when applied to the skin. Its healing potential is known to alleviate conditions like arthritis. Cedarwood Oil is a favourite in the beard world since it has the express ability to reduce/halt hair loss and replenish moisture to a dry scalp.

Beards are hard to groom since the product needs to seep in into the little crevices right into the hair follicles. All-natural essential oils like Cedarwood oil do just that.

Cedarwood oil is a very earthy substance that you and your beard will fall in love with from the get-go. It has a zen aura about it which gets into the very roots of your beard, bringing balance and stability to beard growth.

Cedarwood Oil for beards is best used as an all-natural leave-in conditioner. A surprising fact about Cedarwood Oil is that its rich in ‘Sesquiterpenes’ which induces a toxin release from the bloodstream.

Cedarwood Oil is also a proven ‘Anti-seborrheic’ which heals skin inflammations and aids the treatment of conditions like Eczema and Acne. In the area of beard growth, Cedarwood Oil has a unique role to play. Due to its skin relieving properties, Cedarwood is especially helpful for growing beards that are itchy, flaky, and damaged. You will see a positive change in beard scalp health from slowly appearing more moisturised with a softer feel to emitting a naturally hydrated sheen.

Cedarwood oil is deeply masculine, perfect for beard conditioning. It grants strength and stability to hair follicles, thus propagating abundant beard growth.


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A Beard growth heavyweight

Cedarwood oil is a big player in beard growth since it grants balance to the oil-glands putting a full stop to hair loss and steering hair growth in the positive direction.

Wipes out dandruff:

Cedarwood oil is antimicrobial which spells trouble for dandruff, wipes it out in a few applications making sure the flakiness doesn’t resurface.

From mediocre to magnificent:

Cedarwood has the express ability to grow hair from bald patches and spots. As much as this is hard to believe, it is a proven fact. It almost has an intoxicating effect coupled with astringent properties which will take your beard from being just mediocre to magnificent.

Feather-light goodness:

Cedarwood Oil is subtle in its presence and feels light on beards minus the greasy weigh-down effect of most oils. That is precisely why its very much an integral part of the beard oil club.

Cedarwood Oil x Lime Oil for Beards

Cedarwood and Lime are a match made in beard heaven. The fragrances complement each other so well, the resulting product is a 24x7 scent you can wear anytime.

The Cedarwood and Lime Beard Oil is specially made for growing a thick and healthy beard. Blended together with Coffee Arabica Seed Oil, it gives hair roots the much-needed boost of nourishment to fight against scalp and hair problems and reach a praiseworthy beard length and thickness.

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