The Advantages of Using a Wooden Beard Comb

The Advantages of Using a Wooden Beard Comb

The moment when the truth hits you and realisation dawns that your grooming kit is causing your beard to be dull and lifeless is pretty life-changing.

You become aware of specially crafted fine grooming tools and suddenly half your skin and hair problems have disappeared. You realize how harsh you treated them by using metal and plastic combs, all the while irritating your skin and causing hair breakage.

Here’s a list of advantages of using a wooden beard comb that will guide you in making the switch from plastic combs and brushes:


1. Perfect for all sizes

man with long beard

Beards are of varying lengths; but a wooden beard comb is a one-size-fits-all product. Since it has wide teeth, it’s less of a chore and more of a pastime to run it through your beard. Wooden combs have polished wide teeth that slide through the toughest, longest, or shortest beards with close to 0 hair fall or breakage.


It’s a privilege to own one

Wooden beard combs are carefully handcrafted with the finest wood. With polished and perfectly chiselled teeth, you can treat your beard comb like a genuine hair accessory rather than like a cheap tool. Plastic store-bought combs are no match against these fine-looking beauties.


A comb that exudes fragrance

the sardar co beard comb

Premium wooden combs are made with exquisite wood like black sandalwood making them naturally fragrant and a real pleasure to use. Every grooming session will feel like a million bucks since you’re beard will smell amazing after each use.


Keeps the static at bay

Static electricity is incredibly annoying but did you know that using a plastic comb contributes a lot to those annoying fly-aways that are so hard to pry off. A wooden comb doesn’t produce static and gives far better results compared to a low-grade plastic or metal comb.


Break up with splits

the sardar co beard comb helps avoid split ends

Split ends are a real problem for beards, just as much as they are for head hair. Plastic combs create splits since their saw-like finish tug and tear at beard hair. Wooden beard combs do not cause hair to split since they have gentle yet sturdy teeth.


Stronger than the toughest

Wooden bearded combs are made of sturdy and superior natural wood which makes them a much stronger alternative. Cheap plastic combs are feeble against thick, wild beards causing you to exert extra force to get them through, causing breakage.


A firm grip always helps

easy to grip beard comb

When you have a good grip over your beard comb, grooming becomes easy and efficient. Our wooden beard combs are crafted in a way that makes it super easy to grip. And they’re the perfect fit for beards of all sizes. Premium double-edged beard combs are the perfect accessory to take along everywhere you go.


Evenly spread oils

Wooden beard combs are perfect for beard routines because they work best with beard balms/waxes/oils, spreading them evenly on every strand without being concentrated in some parts of your beard. They’re a match made in heaven for use with grooming products.


Because every day is spa day

beard comb with grooming products

Using a beard comb made of fine sandalwood makes every comb and every day a spa day, since the smoky sweet fragrance from the natural sandalwood is very refreshing. You’ll find yourself looking forward to combing your beard every morning and at the end of your day, just to get a hit of that divine fragrance.


The frizz is finally out the door

Plastic combs are the single biggest source of beard frizz and no matter how many expensive beards, balms, and oils you use to fight the frizz, unless you throw out that plastic comb and replace it with a wooden one, the frizz won’t die down.



Making the switch from plastic to a wooden comb will solve most of your beard issues. The rest depends on how well you maintain your face fur.

The Sardar Co’s premium sandalwood beard combs are handcrafted and delivered in special casing. Get yours’ before they’re sold out.

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