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Struggling With a Patchy Beard? We’ve Got Just The Fix

As fuller beards are becoming the trending topic, we know that not everyone is able to get a thick looking beard and some beards are only able to grow in patches. The directors of The Sardar Co Manj and Manny completely understand how you feel, growing up they faced the same issues which unfortunately, they know can be a confidence-breaker for men.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, by following the right steps with the correct products you can also achieve a handsome, lush beard in no time!

Why is my beard growing patchy?

There are a range of factors that can contribute to your beard hair being sparse such as genetics; if your father and grandfather have uneven beard growth, then this could be a reason as to why you are experiencing the same.

Furthermore, poor circulation in the cheeks, stress, lack of sleep, deficiency in essential vitamins, poor nutritional intake etc. can collectively impact the amount and the density of beard hair.

Unresponsive or less sensitive androgen receptors within the facial hair follicles can also be contributing factors. Hence why, you will see some African men growing thick and coarse beards whilst Asian men tend to have sparse beards in contrast. Certain medical conditions like alopecia barbae can also be responsible.

I know the list of factors seem quite daunting but fear not, we know just the quick fix on being able to achieve a sprouting beard full of hair – insert grizzly bear sound effect, please!

Let’s fix that patchy beard growth, shall we?

man with long beard growth

Sometimes, you just have to let it grow

Yes, we know it sounds cliché but have you given it the chance to grow? For the average male, it takes anywhere between 90-120 days for a beard to grow to its ultimate length. Since everybody has a different facial hair type, you may need around 90 days or over 120 days, give or take!

You never know, you may only be months away from a thicker, fuller-looking beard. We know it's going to be tempting to go for a trim every now and then but trust us, don’t! That’s one of the cardinal rules of growing a fuller and even-looking beard: don’t shave or cut it for at least a few months.

You do need to comb it frequently though, which will improve growth by encouraging blood circulation in your facial skin. It’s important to use a comb that won’t tug on your beard hair or irritate the skin such as our own the sardar co hair detangler and comb.

man brushing beard with natural beard brush

Brush it out frequently

This brings us on to the next important rule of growing a thick and even beard: Using our Sardar Co beard brush, run this through your beard from top to bottom and then bottom to up, this will help to evenly distribute the skin and hair’s natural oil collecting at the shaft of the hair. By making this part of your morning routine consistently, you will soon see results!

Sleep, eat well, exercise, and keep those stress levels low

Seems pretty obvious, right? But how many of us give our mind and body the 5-star treatment they deserve?

We’re not saying that you absolutely need to go on a very expensive organic-only diet or strictly hit the lights by 9/9:30pm every night, but it’s fair to say that most individuals don’t pay attention to the amount of sleep they’re getting, how much they’re exercising or what kind of exercises they should be doing, or how to manage stress.

It’s a very boring yet very practical way to fix your beard growth woes, if you only knew!

First of all, a balanced diet will keep your hormones in order and give your skin the nourishment it needs to grow an even-looking beard. Second, exercising correctly according to your specific needs or goals, dietary habits and lifestyle can also have a marked impact on beard growth.

On the other hand, if you’re working out too hard (and too frequently), then you may run into what’s called overtraining, where your body will take a lot longer to recover and you will even see elevated stress levels as a result and poor sleep quality. So, find a balance.

Lastly, you need to have an active stress management system in your life. Stay away from the things (or people) that stress you out. Attain a positive mindset and clean lifestyle and before you know it you beard will be flourishing more than you’ll ever know.

man using a beard growth roller on his beard

Beard growth roller to the rescue

Have you tried our beard growth roller? It’s the ultimate beard growth tool, made from 540 high-quality titanium micro-needles. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Also known as a derma roller, this nifty little tool increases blood flow and collagen production on the face, resulting in improved and more even hair growth. As an added bonus, you’ll get to exfoliate dead skin cells too, leaving your skin softer, fresher and healthier looking – more points for a fuller beard!

Another fix

If anybody ever tells you that “beard growth products” don’t work, they’ve either never used a quality one or they’re flat out lying.

Our Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Growth Oil is specially formulated to lay the foundation for thick and even beard growth. Both oils strengthen hair follicles at the base, leading to healthy hair growth, while the added coffee arabica seed oil stimulates hair growth and further strengthens the follicles.

A quick tip for your beard growth routine, mix 2-3 drops of our lavender oil in our lavender and tea tree shampoo and work this into your beard for a minute for max effect.

Looks like you got your work “cut out” – yes, pun totally intended. We just had to!

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