Our Top 7 Beard Growth Secrets

Our Top 7 Beard Growth Secrets

A thriving beard may seem like a gift from the hormone gods, but it's true that every proud owner of a great beard is putting in an equal amount of effort into it.

If you think beards have their own secrets then you’re probably right because there is no dearth of tips, tricks, and hacks that can positively cut down the beard struggle in half. All you’ve got to do is find out what works best for you and then willingly or unwillingly part with it to fellow beard wanters.

We bring to you our top 7 beard secrets that we hope will propel you forward in your beard journey and work in your favour.


1. Fix your inner game

A glorious beard is the rawest manifestation of masculinity and to make it spring like a garden means your inner environment must reflect the right conditions.

While your genetics play a major role, you get to decide the rate at which your beard grows. The secret to a blooming beard is balanced nutrition.

Watch what you eat and see that your vitamin intake is on point. Along with vitamins, get a lot of protein and saturated fat to aid testosterone level increase.


2. Timing is key

Yes, timing does have a significant influence over beards and attempting to grow it at the opportune moment will result in a healthier beard.

It’s discovered that beards grow at a faster rate with a rise in temperature and summer is the ideal time to attempt to grow a beard.

So, while you may be tempted to let your beard grow during the cooler months of the year, it pays to wait until summer owing to a jump in testosterone levels with the increase in body temperature.


3. The three S’s to a great beard

The secret to a great beard lies in the three S’s to unlocking immense beard potential:

  • Smoking - If you’ve always thought about quitting smoking for life, beard time is the right time. So, kick that cigarette butt to the curb.
  • Stress – No goal was ever achieved with chronic stress in the picture and the same goes for beards. Stress affects beards even more so because cortisol hampers testosterone production. So, walk away from stressful conditions and bin habits that induce stress.
  • Sleep – Beard sleep; 8 hours of it boosts testosterone levels allowing your beard to happily grow itself out.


4. There is no secret

You heard that right. There really is no earth-shattering beard secret out there waiting to be unearthed.

You are the secret to your beard and with a few smart tips, you can live your dream of owning an enviable beard. Desire and passion work like fuel when coupled with good nutrition. While you may not need expensive products, the right ones will be worthwhile.


5. Recognize your growth pattern

Facial hair naturally takes on different directions during the growth stages. When you let your beard grow, you will be able to observe the hair growth patterns on different areas of your face like the neck, cheek, etc., by observing your beard growth closely in the initial stages.

When you have a full stubble, you can run your hand over it very slowly to feel these varying growth directions.

Growth patterns differ for every individual and recognizing your own will make it easier to train your beard.


6. Feed your follicles

The hair follicles on your beard will can sprout healthier hair when you put them on a special diet laden with vitamins and minerals found in our beard growth oil. Specifically, nutrition that aids DHT and testosterone production works like a secret formula to speed up beard growth. Foods that can work their way through to your follicles include Eggs, Potatoes, Brazil Nuts, and Beef.


7. Stop snipping your ‘stache

We’re serious. A great moustache makes beards look better than they do. So, our next big beard secret is that you should stop snipping at your moustache and let it grow itself out to its full extent.

While you can trim off the split hairs on your moustache, remember to do so only on the outside and not at the top or bottom of your ‘stache. But, remember to keep your moustache healthy, hydrated, and clean.


There you go! Our top 7 beard secrets to guide you on your beard journey. As you progress, you are sure to discover your own secrets that work for your beard.

Every beard has a story to tell and the trick to mastering your beard game is to uncover your own.

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