Our Top 5 Beard Straightener Features

Our Top 5 Beard Straightener Features


We’ve launched our brand new beard straighteners, and we have had a lot of positive reviews about them. But a lot of you want to know more about the unique features that have made our straighteners so popular. Well, here’s a quick overview guide on our beard straightener features.




1. Beard Straightener Safety Lock


When carrying your beard straightener around in your bag or luggage, the last you want is it to accidentally turn on and drain the battery. Or even worse, melt your phone case!

As an added safety feature, our beard straighteners have a nifty little lock on the side. When not in use, flick the switch over to lock and no more panic attacks when you open your bag and your phone case has a chunk missing.

When you need to flatten out some stubborn hairs, get the straightener out, flick the lock switch and you are good to go.


2. Temperature Settings


Nothing is more annoying when you are straightening your beard and the temperature just isn't hot enough to do the trick.

That’s why ours come with three temperature settings. 

The lowest setting is at 160 degrees Celsius. This temperature is ideal for those with a short to medium length beard, a beard that has thin or shorter hair.

Use the 180 degrees Celsius setting if you have a thick or coarse beard.

Go full throttle on the max setting of 200 degrees Celsius if you have a longer, thicker beard. If you find your beard hair to be unruly and difficult to keep in check, this setting will have those hairs flattened out in no time.

3. Ceramic Coated Comb Teeth


When purchasing a high-end beard straightener you’d expect it to be long lasting. Well, ours is.

The ceramic coating on the teeth of the comb means that they will not scale over time and are also anti-static. So no nasty static shocks while combing your beard.



4. USB Charging


The USB charging port is tucked away and a slick flap at the bottom of the straightener. Being cordless, the only wire you will see is the charging cable every now and again to top up the power.

This is a fantastic feature, that most other beard straighteners do not have; its cordless!

When charged up, your straightener is as free as you are. Take it with you on your travels and use it without needing to be tied up to a power socket.

Once fully charged the beard straighteners will last approximately 40 minutes. This may seem like a short time, but the average usage time of these are about 6-8 minutes. And if you straighten your beard every morning you'll be able to go 4-5 days on one charge.

5. Heat Proof Casing


The final feature is more of a safety feature. The housing of the straightener’s teeth is fully heatproof, so you wont get a burn while trying to look sharp.

Most of the heat comes out of the comb teeth, rather than the base. This makes the straightener much more efficient as there is no excess heat wastage through areas that are not in contact with your beard hair.

You might be thinking ‘why the hell would I use a beard straightener?’ - well, that’s what I thought. Until I started using one.

One of the benefits I've found is that I can control my beard a lot better; it becomes softer and straighter so styling is so easy. I hardly need much product in my beard as the straightener does most of the work.


Let us know in the comments below what you think, if you would consider using one, or what you like most about straightening your beard.

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