Leading figures from around the World who wear Turbans

Leading figures from around the World who wear Turbans

Famous people inspire and amaze. Whenever a popular figure introduces something new, its guaranteed to get all the attention.

In the celeb world, turbans have been viewed as a stunning accessory, irrespective of who wore it. We’ve seen unique turban styles by several prominent figures, the world over.

Famous people who wear turbans strengthen the fact that the turban is one piece of clothing that can never truly be out of sight. The fashion and beauty industry see the turban as versatile and something that’s easily incorporated into any look.

We put together a list of our favourite celebrities who are making waves in the work that they do and in the way they flaunt their turbans:


Jagmeet Singh – Canadian MP

Jagmeet Singh is a Sikh member of the Canadian Parliament who wears a Dastar style turban with the traditional topknot to office. Just like many Sikh Canadian members of the government, Jagmeet Singh’s turban is also a source of intrigue and inspiration. Interestingly, according to his admission, Jagmeet lets his wife colour co-ordinate his turbans to match every outfit.


Ilhan Omar – First Hijabi Congresswoman

Ilhan Omar, a representative of the United States is the first hijabi congresswoman to have introduced headwear into the US parliament. Known for sporting intriguing turbans and hijabs to the congressional offices, Ilhan Omar has many firsts to her name. She wears the traditional Somali turban and has, in fact, turned it into her very own symbol of power and pride.


Diljit Dosanjh – Popular Indian Artist

Diljit Dosanjh is loved in India, both for his singing and acting prowess. Diljit is ridiculously good looking and adorns the Sikh turban in all his appearances. His turban gained popularity alongside successful career stints including ‘Udta Punjab’. Diljit wears the Parna turban in brilliant colours styled to match his outfits.


Fauja Singh – Marathon Runner

Fauja Singh is 108 years old. He gained fame and recognition for his age defying marathon runs. Fauja Singh is a British Sikh who wears a turban and a long, white flowing beard. He says that his turban is what keeps him going. With many world records to his name, Fauja Singh’s unmatched spirit made him the face of Adidas instead of David Beckham.


Doctor Narinder Singh Kapany – Father of Fibre Optics

A Physicist, Doctor Narinder Singh Kapany’s accomplishments in fibre optics have earned him the title of being the founding father of this field of technology. In fact, the term itself originated with him. He is a Sikh American Indian and wears a turban. Doctor Narinder is presently 93 years old.


Beyoncé – Singing Sensation

Beyoncé is an American sensation popular worldwide for her RnB, Pop & Hip-Hop hits. Everybody knows that Beyoncé loves turbans. She has been photographed several times wearing stunning turbans and headwraps. She consults designers to create unique pieces for her. Beyoncé has made red carpet appearances in African head wraps.


Waris Ahluwalia – Actor/Model

Waris Ahluwalia of the ‘House of Waris’ is a Sikh Actor/Model well known in the New York fashion scene. He always wears his turban in a classic black. As a jewellery designer, he released his own line. Waris has also produced and acted in Hollywood movies. Waris Ahluwalia’s turban caused a stir when he was prevented from flying to the United States which in turn ignited a conversation about discrimination and racial profiling.


Harjit Sajjan – Canadian Member of Parliament

Harjit Sajjan, a renowned Canadian parliamentarian was the first Sikh to become the country’s Minister of National Defence. His Sikh turban garnered more attention than his appointment to office. Harjit’s turban is an important part of his identity that has stuck with him throughout his many accomplishments.


Manmohan Singh – Former Indian Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh is an economist and India’s former prime minister. He is popular as the first Sikh to hold office. Manmohan Singh always wears a Sikh turban, mostly in shades of blue. He revealed that he likes to wear his turban in blue because it stands for the colour of his Alma Mater, the University of Cambridge.



Have we missed anyone off the list? Drop us a note in the comment box below if you know of any famous or leading figures around the world who wear turbans.

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