Introducing The Sardar Co

Introducing The Sardar Co

Welcome to 2019 and welcome to our new brand; The Sardar Co.

The Sardar Co is an online store and lifestyle brand dedicated to high quality clothing, turbans, beard care products and more. Our products are designed to help us maintain our cherished appearance, that also appear to our culture and ethics.

The Sardar Co came about after trying to answer one simple question - 'Is there a place online where I can buy high quality Sikh clothing and products from that are true to our roots?' - We couldn't find anywhere.

We found there was a gap in the market, with a demand for high-end  products from young stylish Sikhs who are proud of their appearance and want the means to maintain and promote their identity.


Origin Story

The Sardar Co started back in Summer 2018, when founders Manny and Manj, were sitting around the dining table discussing turban styles. Manny suggested 'Let's open our own turban shop!' - and Manj responded 'There are already loads out there'.

They went online to look for online stores for turbans and products Sardars. They found a few turban stores and some beard oil companies and ordered some products.

While reviewing the products from various places, Manny and Manj came to realise, these products don't really hit the nail on the head for what they were looking for. Either the quality was not good enough, or the product felt cheap. What they wanted was:

  • A product that looked and felt premium quality,
  • Turbans and clothing that felt designer,
  • Beard oils that actually felt good, with a scent that lasts,
  • A company that supported and promoted their Sikh appearance.

 It didn't seem like such a company existed, so Manny and Manj went to task in building one.

After 6 months or visiting suppliers, testing oils, developing concepts and a lot of late nights, The Sardar Co has officially launched.


sardar on roof


Why 'The Sardar Co'?

Being a sardar is nothing to be coy about, our forefathers fought and sacrificed for our right to wear turbans and an onshorn beard.

We are sardars, building a brand and products for sardars; The Sardar Co is the perfect and most fitting name.


Another Turban Company?

You might be asking 'what? Another turban company?' - our response is no, we are not just another turban company. Our products were designed to compliment the lifestyle of a modern day Sikh; high quality and practical whilst also being ethical and natural.

We have ensured that all the products we have created are crafted to the highest quality. Our turbans are sourced from the finest cloth mill in India; our beard brushes are hand-made with natural materials, and each oil within our beard oils were specifically selected to benefit the hair and skin.



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