How to Train Your Beard to Grow in a Certain Direction

How to Train Your Beard to Grow in a Certain Direction

Men with beards are a sight to behold. There are so many different types and styles: flowy beards, five o’ clock shadows, lumberjacks, and more. Whatever your facial hair may grow out to be, you should be the proud owner of a healthy and full beard.

But not all men’s beards start out that way. Most of us begin with peach fuzz, only dreaming of a thicker beard. Well, we’re here to tell you that with time and care we can help you achieve better facial hair growth and get you that thicker beard.

Beard types are many. Whatever they may grow out to be, you should be the proud owner of a healthy and full beard.

Knowing your beard type and understanding facial hair growth patterns will go a long way in your journey to get a fuller beard. Unlike the hair on your head, facial hair growth is triggered by hormones that work very differently in comparison. Specifically, beards grow and thrive under the influence of a much more powerful hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As everyone’s hormones are different, only time will tell for sure how your beard will turn out.

But the question you need to ask yourself is, are you ready for it? Do your homework and stock up on all the right gear beforehand and you won’t be disappointed.

In this guide, we give you beard hacks to make yours grow how you want it to.


Step 1: Trimming Your Beard

This might seem counter-intuitive, but trimming your beard is step 1 to training your beard. Even if length and volume is your ultimate goal, trimming will prove beneficial in shaping your facial hair to grow in the right direction.

Once your facial hair has successfully passed the initial awkward growth stage in the first few weeks or so, evenly trim out stray hairs on the cheeks and neck to give it a clean finish. Make sure to match your beard to your face shape. It is important that you pick a style that suits your beard’s length and thickness as you are growing it out.

If trimming is not your thing, not to worry. You can bypass this step.


Man washing beard with beard wash

Step 2: Prepping Your Beard

A great beard requires clean and healthy underlying skin. You may want to start with washing your beard, which really helps the hair growth in the early stages.

Washing your beard can help clean out the pores in the skin and take out any dirt which can cause itchiness. Scrub your beard a few times a week with Sardar Coconut & Vanilla Beard Wash to leave it feeling and smelling great afterwards.

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Step 3: Brush to Train

The most crucial step to training your beard to grow is to brush in a downward direction toward your chin which helps to shape your beard.

A beard brush will help train the stubborn hairs to grow in the right direction and a Sardar comb or brush is perfect for that. For a shorter beard we would recommend a saw-cut comb and at Sardar our combs made from organic sandalwood. If you have a longer beard, we recommend a boar bristle brush. Sardar has great oval brushes that are crafted to feel comfortable while you’re grooming your facial hair.

If you want extra styling, we recommend the Cordless Beard Straightener. Using a beard straightener may just be what you need to help tame that wild face mane.

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Brushing beard downward

Step 4: Downwards Works Best

Training your facial hair to grow in the downward direction is ultimately the best method. Brush or comb your beard downwards to promote the length and shape. You could take the help of beard balms and oils and apply these to help hydrate and style your beard. Remember, when applying these, also use a downward rubbing motion.

You can also style your beard with products such as beard wax and beard balms. Gently get a little of the wax or the balm and massage it between your palms before applying it. Then apply the wax or balm into your beard in downward strokes to encourage the hair growth in the right direction. Sardar Mango & Vanilla beard balm offers a great scent as well as a light hold to help keep the hairs in place.

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Beard oils can help hydrate the hairs and give it that boost to grow into a thicker beard. Beard oil helps to nourish and hydrate your beard. Want to smell great too? We recommend the Coffee & Walnut Beard Oil from Sardar. With all-natural ingredients, you know your beard is going to get the essentials it needs to grow and feel amazing. Click here To explore to find out which ingredients go into our beard oils, and how they benefit your beard.


Step 5: Take the Reins

Being consistent in grooming automatically trains your beard to grow in the right direction.

Stubborn fly-aways and baby hairs may seem frustrating, especially when they start to have a mind of their own, however all it takes to tame your beard is just a few minutes of combing or brushing every day to change the course of hair growth. Use a strong brush to do just a few strokes a day and you’re good to go.

Make sure to not miss a day and you have the best training regime for your beard.


Step 6: Trim out-to-in

Beards that grow OUT from your face need to be trained to grow inwards and towards your chin. To do this, you need to trim your beard along the sides every time they grow outwards. Train your hair to define your chin by trimming out-to-in.


Step 7: Use Products to Help You

While you can’t completely control your beard, beard products are your best bet to train and eventually tame beard hair to your liking. The basic tools and products you will need include a good boar bristle brush, some beard oil, and a styling product like a beard balm to set off on the right track.


Step 8: Less is More

Following the above steps should help to promote healthy hair growth to grow a thicker beard. However, you’ve also got to be cautious of avoiding all the wrong things to do which won’t facilitate good hair growth.

You should avoid using face soap or other cheap drug-store products on your beard at all costs. Alcohol laden products will make your beard hair go haywire making it harder to train.

Remember, always keep your beard clean and dry enough so that its tameable.
Lastly, do not overuse or apply products on wet and unwashed beards.



Training your beard requires hard work, passion, and caution just like all creative things in life do.

Beards may look tough on the outside but really, they’re as gentle as they ought to be. With just a little perseverance, your facial hair can grow into a fuller, thicker beard.

All it takes is a bit of time and technique.

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