How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Here’s the rule of thumb for hair to grow long and quick – good health. Imbuing good hair health and sustaining it to your desired length is a process that demands attention and gentle care.

A haircare routine conducive to good overall health does not involve the use of expensive products and salon appointments. Organic ingredients combined with simple positive shifts in your daily grooming habits will do the trick.

A week on week hair growth is not impossible but is a tough goal to achieve because there are so many factors that prevent this from happening including damage and deficiencies.

These 10 tips will straighten your hair growth curve, giving you a better chance at growing longer hair fast:


1. Be gentle on your hair during everyday styling

If you style your hair every single day, your hair may be subjected to a significant amount of breakage and damage which may hinder hair growth. Switching your micro-fibre towel with a t-shirt and using heat styling after letting your hair dry naturally for a bit are ways in which you can be gentle with everyday styling. Turn away from hair colouring and keratin treatments throughout your hair growth journey.


2. After-wash conditioning

While a pre-wash oil massage is recommended for hair growth, did you know that applying a natural hair oil post-wash works like a great conditioning treatment and will act like a protective layer against styling and environmental damage. Applying a fine protective layer of organic hair oil to your hair after a good wash works better than a leave in conditioner.

3. Organic Hair growth oils

Hair care has moved on from greasy hair oils to nutrient packed essential oils that actually make your hair grow faster and longer in no time. Organic hair growth oils containing more than one combination of essential oils hydrate, protect, and nourish hair visibly reducing hair fall, taking your tresses at breakneck speed towards a great length.


4. Long hair needs strong roots

Just like a tall and strong tree thrives on firm roots, so too your hair needs inner good health to tumble down to a great length. There are two indispensable ways to strengthen your hair at its roots; paying attention to what you eat and regularly giving your scalp an oil treatment. Switch to a moisture-rich diet containing Iron, Vita-D, B-complex, and Zinc to support hair growth. Give your self regular oil scalp oil massages with a nourishing hair oil containing hand-packed organic ingredients.


5. Super nutrients

Growing long hair faster is an intense task for your hair since it has to constantly grow past any damage and stress. With a challenge like that, you need to support your hair in the by providing it with some extra nourishment in the form of super nutrients. Organic oils infused with these super nutrients including Vita ACE, Omega 6 acids, etc., which ensures your hair stays moisturized, strong, and healthy.


nourishing hair oil for longer hair


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