How to Grow and Maintain a Long Beard

How to Grow and Maintain a Long Beard

For men not fortunate enough to grow a long beard on their own, the answer to this question can seem ever-elusive. Until you stumble upon a life-changing blog post like the one you’re reading right now that gives you hope and removes every shred of doubt about whether you’re capable of growing one.

There’s no ultimate way to grow a beard nor do you have to be genetically blessed to have an enviable beard. So, shut out the naysayers and get ready to grow out your face fur. All you need is time, patience, and sound advice.


1. Say goodbye to the trimmer

Put a complete full stop to trimming and shaving but be prepared to get a truckload of unwarranted comments and uneasy looks at this stage.

For the first few weeks, let your beard hair grow itself out as much as it can so that you get a fair idea of what you’re working with. Don’t do any grooming at this stage until your beard has maxed out to its fullest natural state.


2. Beard oil steps in

Oil is one of the greatest beard hair growth promoters out there which is why you need specially formulated beard oils for the first step in grooming.

Once your beard has grown to its fullest potential, this is where you intervene and help it grow more and grow well. Apply a generous amount of beard oil everyday depending on the length and the weather.

This step helps your beard close in on the bald spots and prepare for the stage two of beard growth.


3. Get yourself a beard grooming kit

If you are serious about growing your beard, then putting together or buying a complete beard grooming kit is a must.

Your beard grooming kit needs to contain all of the essentials, such as a beard brush, beard comb, beard oils and beard balms.

Combing and brushing gets your beard to behave and gets rid of any dust and debris stuck in it, thus preventing it from clumping or matting. It’s also a good way to promote length and weight, helping your beard to move to stage three of growth.

man with stubble growing a beard 


4. Protect your beard

There are several ways in which the external environment can influence your beard growth. Now that your beard is well into stage three of its growth, you need to protect it from the natural elements.

First, remember to keep your beard away from food because it’s highly likely that you can accidentally dip it into a bowl of soup. Also, be aware that your beard doesn’t cause inconvenience to others especially when you’re near food or a kitchen.

Secondly, be mindful that the external elements can have a negative impact on your beard. For example excessive exposure to the sun can cause protein damage within the hair follicles, leaving them dry and brittle.

To help restore your beard hair's natural defenses, be sure to wash regularly with a good quality beard wash, and always top up with beard oil after drying.


5. Take the plunge

While genetics do play its part in beard growth, you have the power to influence the rate at which your beard grows into your most epic one yet. So take the plunge in weeding out what may slow down or hamper hair growth like stress, cigarettes, and unhealthy lifestyles.

Switch gears to a balanced diet and a routineof regular excercise and your manly face fur will reap the benefits.


7. Establish a dedicated beard care routine

Now that you’re beard hair is on par with your scalp hair (if you aren’t afflicted with male pattern baldness, that is!), it's time to treat your beard just like you would the hair on your head.

Regular shampooing rids it of all the dirt and grime while a good beard conditioner makes it soft and groomable. Use mild products and carefully take your pick after determining the texture of your beard to find what works best for it.


how to grow a beard

8. Beard products

Beard grooming products have become increasingly innovative. You may or may not want to invest in a beard grooming brand depending on your budget. But you will be surprised to check out some of the unique tools and styling products that make beard grooming easy and exciting.

Beard balms or beard butter is used like a leave-in that prevents frizz. Beard combs are made specially for painless and effortless grooming. Wild boar bristle brushes are used for styling and don’t pull out tufts out of your beard when you brush. There are also beard washes, beard softeners, and styling balms all of which are useful styling accessories you can use along your beard journey.

Growing and maintaining a long beard doesn’t happen in a day, but it’s worth the wait. With time, you’ll be able to tune into the needs and wants of your beard. Just keep out unwarranted opinions and you’ll get to being referred to as the guy with the awesome beard soon enough.


What do you guys think? Do you have any secrets that help you grow and maintain your beard? Let us know in the comments below.

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