How does a heated beard brush work?

How does a heated beard brush work?

Products like oils and balms improve the health and appearance of beards. But every bearded man will agree that a straightened beard looks amazing and is easier to manage.

Few are aware of one handy tool that rules beard grooming. Those who know are sceptical of whether it’s safe to use or not. We are talking about the heated beard  straightener.


Heat Straightening for Beards

The beard straightener is one beard grooming product that’s gaining quick, widespread popularity. We know a lot of beardos who have coarse beards that are difficult to tame with just balms and waxes. Heat application has shown instant results.

During an important occasion, you want your beard to behave its best. But there’s always that one nagging lock of hair that refuses to lie low. This is when a heated beard brush can save your day.


How Beard Straighteners Work

Beard straightening works by a straightforward process - Heat application.

If you’re wondering, yes, it's the very same way in which flat iron straightening works. Flat irons have ceramic or titanium plates that heat up when plugged in and continue to do so until they hit a temperature setting. Except for some flat irons that don’t have temperature control dials (they can cause serious hair damage!)

In a heated brush, the bristles emanate until they reach your desired temperature. As you begin to brush your beard, consistent temperature is applied to beard hair and within just a few perfect strokes, your beard hair comes out looking naturally straight and healthy.


How does heat work on beards?

What makes hair restyling possible? Be it head hair or beard hair, hydrogen bonds are what allows us to restyle and reshape hair the way we like.

Hydrogen bonds break when hair is wet or when heat is applied to it. While this sounds scary, it really isn’t. Hydrogen bonds can quickly reform taking on whatever shape you put your hair in.That is why you can (kind of) style your hair/beard while its wet.

This is exactly what happens while using a straightener or heated beard brush. You have control over reshaping and restyling your beard since hydrogen bonds are broken as you brush your beard and the hydrogen bonds that make your beard hair curly, are restructured into straight lines, making the beard hair straight.


Is Heat bad for Beard Hair?

This is a constant debate but we want to tell you the honest truth. Heat straightening can cause irreversible damage to hair when it's not done responsibly. But with the right straightener, heat becomes safe since there’s very minimal to zero damage.

That said, here are the steps for responsible heat straightening:

  • 160-200℃ is the safe zone for heat straightening. In this range, there’s no damage and you get the best results.
  • A safe distance is ideal when using heat. Getting a safe enough distance is not possible when using flat irons since they have external heating elements. But beard straighteners like The Sardar Co heated beard brush have internal heating elements which dissipate heat through the bristles making them safe for beard hair.
  • A safe and healthy temperature for any beard depends on its volume. Without accurate temperature control and settings, you could be straightening your beard with a ‘too-high’ or ‘too-low’ temperature which can cause damage.


Difference between a beard straightener and a hair straightener

  • A flat iron (hair straightener) stamps down on hair whereas a heated brush gently glides through strands while applying heat.
  • Heated beard brushes have smooth bristles and are convenient as opposed to using a flat iron. All it takes is a few good brush strokes.
  • The main difference between flat irons and a heated brush is that they emit heat at a consistent temperature much lower than that of flat iron straighteners. Which works perfectly well for beards because the goal is to get that even, naturally straight look.

And the best part is that you only need to brush through your beard. With time and practise, you’ll get the strokes right and your beard will straighten faster and better.


The benefits of using a Heated Beard Brush

cordless beard straightener


What we love about our cordless heated beard brush is that it's so incredibly compact, you can take it anywhere, no matter where you’re headed. Here’s a list of benefits of a heated beard brush:

  • A good heated brush gently straightens hair with smooth ceramic teeth that are perfectly aligned and have anti-scale and anti-static properties.
  • Temperature and heat settings are well within your control. A good heated beard brush should have variable temperature settings that emanate consistent and controlled heat.
  • Straighteners are an inconvenience to travel with because they have yard long cables and require you to be literally chained to a wall socket. A cordless heated beard brush on the other hand can be taken anywhere. Freeing you from the chains of the wall plug!
  • Keep your beard looking it's best. Beard straighteners are perfect for taming even the wildest hairs. Using a beard straightener in conjuction with a balm or hair spray offers amazing results.


Heated beard brushes are specially made for beard hair and work best for beard hair straightening. They don’t cause hair damage and are safe to use. Heated beard brushes are convenient to carry along for maximum styling.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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