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Hair Oil Reviews

If you've been following us on social media, or even keeping up with our monthly newsletters, you'd have seen that since we launched our nourishing hair oil - it's fast become our top selling products. It's been in such high demand, we've had to include a new 50ml travel size and an eco-friendly refil pouch.

We've collected a few of our favourite reviews here, from unboxing our hair oil and first impressions, to details on the ingredients and how to use the oil. Check out the videos below...


Pam Kaur unboxes The Sardar Co's nourishing hair oil

In this video, Pam unboxes a bottle of nourishing hair oil, right from shipping box to the contents of the actual bottle. Pam talks about the scent, the ingredients and her first, honest impressions of the product.


SoSona Hair Oil Review

Sona is a professional makeup artist, based in the UK and on her Youtube channel, she does how-to make up looks and tutorials.

In this video, Sona explains the key benefits of the hair oil, how it has helped reduce hair fall, and how her hair has grown a lot quicker since using the oil. She also explains in detail the benefit of each key ingredient.


Tam Kaur's Hair Care Routine

In Tam Kaur's video, she explains the background of how her hair has become dry and damaged from years of straightening and heat styling. She gives her first impressions on the packaging, and explains how our nourishing hair oil has helped restore her hair, improving the thickness and length. Tam also explains her hair care routine using the hair oil.


How to stop hair falling out and thinning by Vegains Vibes

Vegains Vibes is an online blog ran by Ami, where she discusses averything vegan - from vegan recipes to vegan skin and hair care products.

In Ami's video she how our natural (and vegan-friendly) hair oil has helped her stop hair fall and thinning, and actually boost her hair growth.



How I get healthy, shiny, smooth hair by Simran Sagoo

Simran Sagoo explains how she get's healthy, smoother hair, and talks about the difference she has seen since using The Sardar Co hair oil.



Product Reviews

The reviews don't stop there. We are constantly receiving new reviews from customers who have tried our hair oil - some instantly fall in love, others love the difference it has made to their hair. Here are some of our recent reviews from customers...

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