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Father's Day Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

** Check out our updated Father's Day Gift List for 2023. **

As much as dads love getting socks and ties every year for Father’s Day, we think they should be treated to something special and different! We know it’s slightly harder to buy gifts for a man, so we’ve made the task easier by giving you the perfect gift guide for each type of dad.

The bearded dad

ultimate beard care gift set

Whether it's short or long, the bearded dad takes a lot of pride in how his beard looks. So it's only right to give men's grooming products. The Sardar Co beard brush and beard comb is perfect at helping the bearded dad tame his mane so it looks good all day. The sardar co beard oil and beard balm will help keep his beard shaped and smelling nice throughout the day!

To make it slightly more easier for you The Sardar Co Ultimate Beard Care Gift Set has all the products in a lovely box which can even be gift wrapped!

The stressed-out dad

so sona skincare body butters

This is the dad that is constantly doing errands and doesn’t get a break. He is in need of some self-care and relaxation – some candles and essential oils.

Encourage them to take a time out by gifting So Sona Skincare Aromatherapy Candles and Whipped Body Body Butters, which give a long-lasting, dreamy aroma bound to release the tension.

The candles alongside The Sardar Co's Lavender & Tea Tree Beard Growth Bundle set works perfectly! Lavender is known to relax the mind leading to better sleep whilst also helping the beard and skin feel hydrated and nourished.

The coffee dad

beard oil gift with coffee beans

We all know a dad that loves his morning coffee, there is nothing better than a strong brew! As much as the coffee dad loves a strong cuppa, you want to introduce something different, better and fresh, like Singh Beans coffee. Singh beans coffee have various collections and flavours that are wholesome and fresh so the coffee dad will never run out of his favourite coffee. The best part of this gift is you are supporting ethical focus and fair treatment of farmers as well as the charity Khalsa Aid.

Since the coffee dad loves the smell of coffee so much, it’s only right to gift him The Sardar Co's Coffee and Walnut Beard Oil - an infusion of freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans sprinkled with crunchy walnut and a dusting of the finest smooth cocoa and vanilla.

The book-nerd dad

We all know a dad that loves reading and scribbling in a notebook so, why not make it a bit more special by getting the book-nerd dad a Likhaee notebook.

Likhaee specialises in different types of notebooks with each design having been thoughtfully created. With so many options to choose from you can easily pick a design that the book-nerd dad will love for father’s day.

If you're looking for good reading, we recommend gifting Turbanology by Jay Singh Sohal is an interesting read on the history of the Turban, its meaning and significance. Furthermore, The Sardar Co has blogs written on how to look after your turban, its meaning, as well as articles on beard care.

The quirky dad

The quirky dad loves different and unique gifts, so why not gift a Sikh Colouring mug that has been specially designed for Fathers day. It’s the perfect gift for a quirky dad that loves his tea and coffee - plus you can never have enough mugs!

If you want to be even quirkier, you can find cosy hoodies and sweatshirts and Sherni Banke with various designs to choose from. The Sardar Co also have t-shirts that are great to wear in summer with our most popular being the Singh of Spades and Skull Singh.

Now, the quirky dad loves experimenting and trying out new products; The Sardar Co's Beard Oil Collection Set provides a sample of all of our oils so the quirky dad can pick one for each day of the week!

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