Behind the scenes of our Turban photoshoot

Behind the scenes of our Turban photoshoot

After weeks of planning, on 27 Jan 2019 we spent the day in a large (but very cold) studio in Birmingham with five amazing models. We got some amazing shots for our catelogue, including our new t-shirt designs and turban colours.


Here’s a peek behind the scenes at our latest photoshoot:

Behind our products and photoshoots, is the continual consciousness that each image we put out there needs to be part of a larger message, and represents more than just who we are. Our images must not only speak for our brand, but also speak for our ethos as a community.

A special thanks goes out to:
Jujhar Singh
Pam Kaur
Kiranjeet Singh
Sanmukh Kaur
Daya Singh
Sona Sohal
Ziad Altaf Photography


  • Kay

    Amazing work. Keep it up

  • Jess

    Nice to see behind the scenes of your brand, hope to see more. Keep it up :-)

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