Beginner’s guide to growing a beard

Beginner’s guide to growing a beard

There is only one thing to do, or rather to not do, in order to grow a beard. And that is to stop shaving or trimming your facial hair.

But is the wide world of beards just about that simple step? How do you give your budding new beard the best care? And is there a starting point from where to initiate your daily grooming routine?

Your intent influences your beard growth. Whether your odds of growing an amazing beard are at a 1 or a 10 (depending on your genes), you have every power to influence its growth in the right direction.

This beginner’s guide on how to grow a beard will help you lay the groundwork before you embark on your very own, unique beard journey.


Getting ready to welcome your beard

What is the essential goal of every new beard, when you don’t have a clue what to expect? We’ll help you set expectations.

Every beard at its finest should

  1. Be Full and Whole:
    When you soak up the sun, you should see less light passing through gaps in your beard. It must grow out evenly and should be substantial in volume. It shouldn’t appear wispy at any stage or length.

  2. Be soft to the touch:
    A navel-length beard in all its glory may seem coarse to the touch. But believe us when we say that the toughest and the best beards are also the softest.

  3. Give your appearance an edge:
    There should be no question that your beard must get compliments or surprised acknowledgements at the very least. Set your sights on owning a beard that elevates your facial features and complements every look.

The Basics

  1. Pick a style and stick to it: There are so many beard styles its hard not to resist wanting a Lumberjack on day 1 and a burly beard halfway through. Picking a style from the start and sticking with it guarantees consistency in grooming.

  2. Show beard myths the exit door: Its important while starting out to shut out various myths around beards you will no doubt encounter. So, we know for sure not to discuss your journey with the next-door neighbour, or someone you know to peddle ridiculous myths.

  3. Honestly, its all about healthy lifestyles choices: There is no ultimate formula or product that grants out-of-this-world beards to ordinary men. Honestly, its all about healthy choices, especially in your diet and sleep patterns. Of course, skin care plays a vital role in every beard journey.

  4. Extra attention: From here on, your facial hair needs extra attention from you. Being aware of the health of your beard right from the onset of its growth will significantly improve its chances of becoming the best version of itself.



beard oil droplet from dropper


How to maintain your beard as it grows

Maintenance is costly, and this is true for beards as well. Not necessarily in terms of spends. Here’s a basic beard maintenance guide for you to follow everyday and be consistent with:

  1. Nourish your beard with Beard Oil every day
    Use a fragrant beard growth oil, infused with natural and essential oils. Your facial hair is very much unlike head hair and requires dedicated products. Use a beard oil that comes with a combination of natural, refreshing ingredients that not only leaves behind a lingering sweet smell but maintains hydration and protects against external degradation.

    We've got a great post on the best and most effective way on applying beard oil. Check it our here: How to apply beard oil.

  2. Keep it clean and moisturised:
    Maintaining cleanliness throughout the growth period benefits and sets an unshakeable foundation for a great beard. Don’t skip shampooing and moisturising your beard even for a day. Use a beard balm with natural ingredients for daily moisture.

  3. Prep yourself for each beard stage:
    The stages of beard growth are divided into months. Once you’ve decided upon a desired length for your beard or even if you want to max it out to its longest, prepare yourself for each stage of growth.



man in hat with a long beard


The three key phases during beard growth

Phase 1 – The sprout

This stage completes when your beard grows out of your skin leaving no vacant scalp behind. Keep your beard clean and hydrated at this stage to prepare it for the next phase of growth.

Phase 2 – The teen

This is a crucial phase in your beard growth since the health of your beard starts to show. Its also a stage of confusion where your beard will seem to be sticking out at odd angles. Try not to get frustrated and give up. Keep yourself nourished, and your beard/beard scalp cleansed, moisturised, and groomed every single day.

Phase 3 – Final/Full Length

At this stage, your beard has reached its maximum length or the desired length. Trim it, style it, groom it. Its also time to protect your beard with the right products and tools to maintain its texture for as long as you wish.

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