Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What's the Difference?

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: What's the Difference?

A lot of people are sceptical about the overwhelming number of beard products in the market. They may tell you that there is nothing very different between a beard oil and a beard balm. They may also try to convince you that beard companies are fooling people with the marketing and packaging to make big bucks.

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil, this is a big standoff in the beard world. Aspiring beardos want to know whether its ok to use either one of these products or whether they make for the best combo.

Is it worth pitting one against the other or do both products work in their own way to improve the quality of beards? Here’s our honest attempt at answering this question.


What is the purpose of Beard Oil?

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Everywhere you look, beard oils seem to rule the world of beard care. They’re thought of as the steppingstone to beard success. People who regularly use both beard oils and balms express that both these products do nothing more than to provide moisture. Are you free to choose or is there a rulebook that says they go together?

Like any other essential oil, beard oil improves the texture and quality of beard hair. It adds moisture and improves the health of hair. You can use a beard oil daily for its benefits. The best quality of beard oil is that its not only beneficial for hair but also for the underlying skin. Beard oil has high absorption compared to other products. Both skin and hair absorb it quickly and you can instantly tell the difference.

The beauty of beard oil is that most of the products are infused with natural fragrances and ingredients.

1. Hair needs Oil

Sometimes we go overboard with oiling our scalp hair. Maybe because we were taught to do so or maybe because oiling hair regularly is the best form of nourishment. Same goes with beards. Beard hair is no different than scalp hair and as a result, greatly benefits from oil.

2. Promotes Natural Hold

Every beard has a natural hold of its own. If you like your beard’s natural style, a beard oil will help you maintain that appearance without clumping or changing the direction in which hair is pointing.

3. It’s the best way to start

Using a beard oil at the early stages of growth is the best way to start your journey since the ingredients work directly on the beard scalp to eliminate the fundamental problems. During the initial stages, its essential to address these basic issues to lay the foundation of a great looking beard. Some of these problems include beardruff, poky hair follicles, and frizz. In simple words, its soothing at the start.


What is the Purpose of a Beard Balm?

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A beard balm is essentially a styling product and one that will enhance the look of your beard. Beard balms are usually made from natural ingredients too, just like beard oils. However, balms also contain waxes, the most popular being beeswax. They also do contain essential oils too, thus offering a similar benefit as a beard oil, with the added extra of a light to medium hold.

1. Styling becomes a Breeze

Using a beard balm is like having a go-to styler for everyday use. It’s a step ahead of beard oils because it can moisturize as well as give you more control of the shape and style of your beard. Meaning, you can use it to tame your beard, if its unruly. Also, it provides a nice shine and is a worthwhile addition and a great product to have on your dresser.

2. Taming

We think it’s safe to say that beard balms are better than beard oils. Not only because they contain essential oils but also because they contain ingredients like butter and beeswax. These ingredients not only hold the shape and style of your beard, they also help relieve irritated skin and make beards more manageable. Its an all-rounder.


What to expect from Beard Oil

How can you tell that your beard oil is working for you and that you’re getting all the good stuff from a genuine product?

Good conditioning, less hold: Expect to feel like your beard is getting the right amount of nourishment, is growing stronger and full of life. Beard oils are meant to condition hair. They should provide a certain degree of calmness.

On the other hand, a beard oil is not meant to provide a lot of hold. Its not exactly a styling product like a gel or wax. So, if your beard oil is too greasy, that’s not good either.


What to expect from a Beard Balm?

Do you need a beard balm? We are here to answer what to expect from one and whether its important for your beard journey.

Hold and Shine: If you think that your beard hair is generally much dryer and coarse looking and could use something firmer that a good beard oil can’t provide, then you can expect great results from a beard balm. A beard balm is a stronger product when compared to beard oil since it provides a firm hold and adds a nice shine.


Our Verdict: We think that both these products are very much useful and definitely deserve a place in your beard journey, whether together or independently.

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