4 Essential Indian Wedding Colours For your Turban

4 Essential Indian Wedding Colours For your Turban

Indian weddings are known to be beautiful and visually rich ceremonies. They differ greatly from the traditional western ideals of a big white wedding, the numerous kinds of Indian and south Asian weddings tend to have a wider variety of colour involved in their big day.

Asian weddings are widely known for their beauty and while each country and religion will have its own traditions in particular, there are a few colours that feature widely across them all.

If you are undecided on which turban colour to go with for your special day, read on. We've put together a list of the most essential wedding turban colours to go for along with their meaning and what the colour represents.


Red Wedding Turban


Red is perhaps the most well-known colour associated with Indian weddings, though this is typically dedicated entirely to the bridal outfits.

Traditionally, red is an auspicious colour in Indian weddings, with connotations of wealth, health and even courage. It's sometimes difficult to match the exact shade of your Turban with the bridal outfit. However, fear not, as we have a wide range of red shades available. Ask us about sample swatches.

Here are a few shades of red that are available on our website:

red wedding turbanburgundy wedding turbanmaroon wedding turban


Gold Wedding Turban

yellow sikh wedding turban
Image credit: Sikh and Dread

Gold is another propitious colour, meant to represent wealth and status.

Traditionally, there was a huge amount of gold included in wedding clothing and decoration dependent on the money a bride’s family had. But nowadays, there is very little show of status and more of tradition.

It can sometimes be a nice element to accent your wedding outfit with a gold Turban, matching the gold elements in the dress.

Here are some colours that would perfectly accent any gold elements you are looking to match to:

coconut cream wedding turbansunflower yellow wedding turbanmustard wedding turban


Purple Turbans for Weddings


Purple is another colour used throughout Asian weddings, though it holds closer connotations with Japanese weddings in particular.

In Japan, purple represents love, though its use throughout India is also prominent, typically because it’s within the same colour palette as red when used in a darker form.

If you are looking to match your turban with your partners outfit, match up with a tie or even looking for a contrast colour, check out these purple shades of turbans:

lavender purple wedding turbanIris purple wedding turbandark purple wedding turban


Pink Turban for Weddings


Pink is a colour widely utilised by the groom in particular when it comes to Indian and Sikh weddings, at least as far as tradition is concerned.

While the bride is much more likely to wear pink nowadays, this colour has connotations of happiness, fondness and more across a range of different wedding styles.

Pink is no longer associated as a feminine colour, especially when it comes to turbans. Most men prefer a bright pink turban to match with their partners. Here are a few shades of pink turbans we offer:

pink wedding turbanpink wedding turbanmagenta wedding turban


What colours do you prefer to wear at a wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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